Re-inventing James Bond

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by crabtastic, Sep 17, 2005.

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  1. The Bourne conspiracy and Supremacy were both much "better" films than Bond in some areas:

    Fights lasted seconds not minutes, people got tired and didnt keep leaping back to their feet and car chases didnt end in flying vehicles and large explosions.

    But then I liked Bond because - Fights went on for ages and everything in the room got broken apart from the table he hid behind to escape a hail of bullets - all the bad guys regardless of number would queue to take on James one at a time - cars exploded and always ended up in the air regardless of what road surface they were driving on.

    Id like it if they kept up the slapstick action sequences but made the storylines a bit stronger!
    The bloke in the Halle berry one Pissed me right off! - with his aeroplanes, lasers, cybernetics, ice palaces and neon face mask thing.
  2. Maybe so, but Halle had the most amazing set of chebs didn't she?
  3. But they were nothing like the books! Good films in isolation, I agree, but when compared with Ludlum's written trilogy, absolute shite, IMHO.
  4. Dozy, fair enough but have you ever read any of the James Bond books?

    A lot of the time the books don't match the movie or live up to the hype. Take Jurassic Park-shite movies but very good as a book. Black Hawk Down-outstanding movie but its one of a very small number of books that I had to put down in pure boredom.

    Bourne Identity/Supremacy urinate on the James Bond movies big-time. I know it's make believe but I think the Bond franchise is getting old and needs to be retired. I can't believe they killed off Franka Potente though. She would get it big time!

  5. Only Casino Royale, largely because I'd seen most of the films before I got 'swotty' and into reading - I find it tough to read books after I've seen someone else's interpretation of stories and characters. BTW I wasn't disagreeing with the comments about Bond; I was merely expressing my disappointment at the Bourne films, though I know that had they tried to fit in everything from the books the films would have been around 7 hours long, each! 8O
  6. personally i thought the bourne films were much better than the books. The books were very slow and hard slog at the start. While the films had me hooked straight from the start
  7. both the bourne films were good, have to confess to not having read the books, but its weird trying to read a book after you have seen the film.
  8. I think this new style of bond will be fantastic, a lot nearer to the Bourne books/films and the orginal Bond books. Grittier and less slapstick. They've got the same guy who helmered goldeneye doing it, so it should be amazing. However rumours are out that orlando bloom is up for the role. For the love of god NO. He's about as charasmatic as a wet fish to the face. Colin Farrell anyone?

    The bourne books are brilliant, but it's a shame they are too long to make into a film as they are. Maybe one day someone will do it as a tv series. I'm starting to see why tv shows like Lost are so good. They're like a 12hr film!
  9. Bolocks to Bond, bring back Harry Palmer.

    Apparently the reason they didn't make any more Harry Palmer films was because the Producer, Harry Saltzman, was also a producer on the Bond Films and he decided there wasn't room for two British Agents in the cinemas.

    The Ippress File, Funeral in Berlin, were far better than any Bond films and although the other three films were not of the same calibre they were better than most Bond films.
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Not at all impressed with this. As others have said: You want spies, get Harry Palmer or Jason Bourne. You want cool Secret Service License to Kill and smash stuff up a bit and shag a few birds - YOU WANT BOND.

    DO NOT TOUCH MY BOND. The last time 'they' tried to make him more true to the books character and more caring we got those piece-of-shite movies with Tim Dalton dealing with drug barons (snore). I want my Bond saving the planet from poison plant weapons launched from outer space by a rich meglomaniac in his secret space station. And lasers. Lots of them. Fricking lasers for eyes too.
  11. The first two were cracking reads, but the Bourne Ultimatum was absolutely turgid by comparison. any film would have ot be better.
  12. Anyone seen the most recent bond? what a bag of shite. I'm a huge bond fan, but it was simply pants! Only thing to redeem it was the torture during the starting sequence and the sword fight. Bond needs a good kick ***********.
  13. I love all the Bond movies - it's the whole package. The big score, lot's of gorgeous women tripping over themselves to get into the sack with Mr Bond, the outrageous baddies, the cars and the gadgets. Even the girls names (Pussy Galore to start with) and the inevitable briefing from Q - or is it R?

    The Bourne films are a different kind of thing - he is just one mean mo-fo. None of this 'charm the bird out of the trees' nonsense - he just wants to kill - and as quick as possible. The plot moves at breakneck speed and you have to rewind to try and keep up. Can't wait for the third film - out next year (I think).
  14. on her majestys secret service was the best role model for Bond - though Thunderball was also good. unfortunatley the films lost their way with Moore.

    Imagine bond being played by Caine - now that would have been fantastic. If people want slapstick bond then they should watch austin powers (fantastic film, best bond film never made!)

    I'd like to see someone really good playing the role - how about Christopher Eccleston (who played the last doctor who)

    As long as it isnt Henno!!!