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There is a saying, perhaps you've heard it, that is applied to Civil Servants.  It is:-

"You pay peanuts, you get monkeys!"

In my experience, the Civil Servants attached to MOD are generally not the best motivated or capable people (with some notable exceptions, it has to be said).  

Exacerbate this grounding with some of the heavy workloads that they can get put under at places like MCM Divs and F**k-Ups are very likely to happen.

However, another trait of Civil Servants is to run every couple of years to new posts thus allowing them to escape the fallout from their indecisiveness, ineptitude, inability to get the job done etc.  Generally, accountability for their actions does not follow them! (I have experienced most of the above at first hand)

This is tarnishing most Civil Servants with the same brush and is probably unfair, however I'm sure most of you will spot these things in a lot of those Civil Servants who may work with you.

The whole point is (at last you may say) is that there is no way a Civil Servant will ever own up to any sort of major C**k up and generally are not held to account for there actions.  This does not help those of you who are awaiting postings but will put into perspective what you are up against when dealing with MCM Divs.
Don't fall into the trap of assuming that the Civil Service is a single entity that is the same wherever you go.  

Observation at close quarters while working with them and the experiences of my other half who used to work for various bits show that some parts have modernised themselves very effectively while other parts remain mired in the worst practices of the 1950s.  It will however surprise no-one that the worst offender is the MoD.  Civil servants from other areas treat the MoD with contempt as a bunch of low paid dinosaurs.  
I cant believe that this posting fiasco is happening in only one theatre.  The CO's of the relevant MI nebulous groupings should get a spine amongst them and put a representation to the Director.  Does he really know whats going on?

The Director should then show us why he has become Director at such a young age, show some dynamism and do something for the lads.
I know what the problem is with the postings fiasco.

Lancelot and guinevere are being over used by the national lottery and MCM Div can't get hold of them.  

Also bear in mind that the chick who does the postings has just come back from holiday in Hedonism, Jamaica.

Hows that for a thought to make you hurl your frosties!



Same old story - the problem is that soldiers are told that they can't phone MCM div on pain of testicular removal (or gender free equivalent) and their Coy/Sqn command have not got the balls to do it for them because they don't want to rock their postings boat-occasionally you get a OC/CO who will bat for the lads but they are rare indeed (and some might say getting rarer)

agree entirely with you.  In my last posting, I had a 2I/C who generally did the MCM Div liason.  He was truly spineless and it had to be a matter of divorce or last resort befoe he would pick up the phone.

However, did once have an OC who was a senior Capt who made a point of travelling to Glasgow every month to speak to the desk heads face to face.  This philosophy seemed to work as generally his soldiers got a good deal.  He picked up his Majority at a young age  too (plus a posting he wanted!!)  Seems to be a lesson to learn here  ;)


War Hero
My CO accused me of sleeping with the desk girls in MCM Div, just because I managed to maintain 96% strength in the Regt and got the postngs that the boys wanted.

I must stress that 'I DID NOT SLEEP WITH ANY OF THEM'.  I was awake the whole night...
I'm only on my 11th posting now, I think I might start to like it here here in the Corps.

It may be no consolation now, but like fine wines, your view of your past  postings may mature over the years.

In the meantime try and find a hobby, Counterstrike Half Life seems to be quite popular amongst the "Chicksands generation" ?

PS:  Was Marlborough a bar full of dykes, or the commander at Blenheim?
I belong to the "Chicksands Generation" and am in my second posting and have just received confirmation of my third.  So far I have got what I requested.  All you need to do is find the LSN of the posting you want, research it, apply for it at least a year in advance of your posting out date and then badger your chain of command constantly.  It worked for me.   ;D


It occasionally works-"give him the post and he'll shut up".  That said-in my last 3 posts in the Corps before I jumped ship-I ended up filling LSNs other than the one on my posting order
This is true, once an MI Bn or whatever other Unit you've been posted to has you on its books then the CO can decide to use you anywhere that he wants to within his little empire. Your posting order may well say Bulford, but you could end up in Catterick or Colchester.

:D ;) :) :eek:
What is going on my friend is that you have 2 civil servants who continue to hammer square pegs into round holes, and they have crisis management down to a tee, although they cant seem to get it to work properly.     Its always been bad in my 12 years but it seems to have gotten a whole lot worse the last 2 or 3

4 months notice for a posting.  lol! ;D, your lucky to get 4 weeks

Bless them, i want to have their babies ;D
Just thought I'd bring this one up and see if there has been any improvement since the change of personalities up at MCM?

4 - 8 weeks has been the average notice for my postings so far.

Well I know for a fact La Mancha has been gone from his old unit about two months now, his posting order has arrived as his old unit today, however he wont be getting a replacement for around another two months :)
Fozzywozzy said:
In my experience, the Civil Servants attached to MOD are generally not the best motivated or capable people (with some notable exceptions, it has to be said).
Unfortunately that's my experience of them as well!

Anyone know what the Brigadiers in the Corps are like to work for. PM me with any info. Cheers

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