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Hi all,

wanted to join back up as a Coms electrician for the royal signals, I was previously in 2 LI way back in 2001.
Need to know if my code when leaving was fit for service or not guys and what the timings are now for the 1 1/2 mile is.
Code QR 1975 Para 9.414c(1)

Cheers all

thanks in advance
still new to this myself so cant help with the code im afraid (going through selection), but my quarter mile aim point is minimum 9:40 seconds for P company selection i believe. Bare minimum being 14 minutes for other trades and areas.

- although i have herd of blokes going over the 9:40 by uptp 2 minutes and still getting through to the Para's if their trainers allow... could be wrong though, just what a few people have told me.
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