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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Maoam, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    Wondering if anyone has an insight into Infantry Officer selection by any chance?

    Recently been told by my ACA that due to being 24 and getting a cat 2 phys at Briefing, I wasn't in any position to even think about Infantry reg's until I passed main board with flying colours

    I understand on the fitness point of view, but my question is: what are my chances of a commission due to my age? Apparently current intakes are of men aged 21 ish post Sandhurst!

    I'll be 25/26 by the time I'm out of Sandhurst provided I ace the main board, my first choice will most likely be the RE, but something deep inside me keeps telling me I should be trying for infantry.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. I'm now probably a bit long in the tooth but when I went through Sandhurst the average age was about 23 and a half. This included the few non-grads, so I suspect that the overal average age for graduates must have been somewhere around 24. Assuming that this is the case, you should be fine.

    I can't comment on the Cat 2 Phys piece specifically, as I don't recal there being such a grading in my day. What I would say is that once you have an AOSB pass it is likely that all bets will be off and you should be able to try to tout yourself off to any regiment you like. Be aware that your physical fitness is likely to be tested on your potential officer visits (especially if visiting the teeth arms). It goes without saying that what you really need to do now is get fit before you visit regiments/battalions or attempt AOSB. If you are struggling on the fitness side (in terms of knowing what to do), I would recommend a book called Fighting Fit by Adrian Weale (couple of quid from Amazon). This will give you a few pointers and if you follow it through you should get to where you need to be, fitness wise.
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    I visited 3RIFLES last November (post-main board), however I haven't visited any other infantry battalions, so this may not apply across the board for infantry selection:
    During the visit I was told that:
    1. I would not have been invited before I had passed main board.
    2. My age (25 (hopefully!) upon commission) would put me near the top, age-wise, of the Ocdts that the Rifles select.
    3. If I perform well at Sandhurst, fit in well during future regimental visits, and interview well at the Regimental Selection Board, then they will select me.

    My fitness was an issue at the time (owing to too many pies), and it was highlighted to me in no uncertain terms that I will have to significantly improve in order to be considered for a commission.

    My advice to you would be (although you probably know this already) to work hard on your fitness, pass your main board, and then get in touch with the regiments you want to visit.

    Hope that helps!


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  5. Many thanks for the tips guys, time to crack on with the circuit training, bloody good fun but rather nackering.

    will definitely look into "Fighting Fit" too, as all I'm going off at the moment is the AOSB physical training preparation booklet, which is quite limited

    Thanks again
  6. 23+ is the average for entering RMAS at the moment, so your fine. You should have gone fit though as Infanrty regiments a tough to get into anyway, and they may see a cat 2 phys as you not being focused on this career enough, and therefore dont want to invest. But don't let that put you off, if you smash the phys at main then what grounds for a problem of phys and hence determination questions do they have?
  7. As long as your fitness is fine at Main Board (in order to pass) and is better at PCCBC and improves between then and you starting at RMAS then you will be fine to get into the infantry.

    Look to be achieving 80+ press ups and sit ups followed by a sub 9 minute 1.5m run. Ideally the run time will be under 8.30.

    The average age of OCdts is currently about 23 so you should be fine age-wise although I have heard rumours of there being stricter regulations (either 24 or 26 but can neither confirm or deny)
  8. Any idea when (if true) this is likely to be implemented?
  9. Agree on the run time, but 80+ press ups? That's a little steep surely?
  10. Not for Infantry!
  11. 80 press ups in 2 mins is steep - would that be without a break as well?
  12. Considering I know a few infantry officers, most of whom would have trouble reaching past 80, I still think 80+ might be a bit steep.

    Both of the two exceptions I know could reach past that are Para Reg.
  13. Okay, I understand where you are coming from and I am only repeating what I have been told, and I this is for getting into an Infantry Reg at the moment, which is highly competitive.
    I am in in the OCdt prossess at the moment and I have credible info that you should be hitting 80+ pressups and situps and sub 9min run time, 8.30 is best. I could be wrong as I havent spoken to the recruiters for each Infantry Reg, but i am quite sure that's the gen conensus.
    No disrespect to you.
  14. TMo

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    If we're referring to AOSB Main Board, I was under the impression that you are stopped once you reach the requirement of 44.
  15. They aren't talking about AOSB.