Re:If you dont like it here then LEAVE!!!

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by fas_et_gloria, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. Half way through a reply, hit 'preview', and get;

    As I suspected, the whole thread is gone. Which is all very well and usually the deleted threads are the kind of stuff that fatwas are made off anyway. In this case though, the initial argument was so clearly fatuous cut and paste bollox, riddled with errors and probably not even read through completely before being pasted, that the flaming really hadn't had time to do it justice yet.

    I mean, to use this to support a 'Johny foreigner out of my nice white, Anglo-Saxon, swastika tattooed, DM booted, Ingerland' argument is just about perfect:

    If it's gone because, 'we can't have that kind of thing on ARRSE', well, respectfully, the reponse of the mob would have made the point even more forcefully. The danger is that outsiders will perceive that it's gone because it was getting a flaming. Which is a bit sad really. The majority here have the moral courage to stand up for that which is right: difficult to do that when the targets fall before they are hit.
  2. If it is a load of copy and paster sh1te (AND IT WAS), then it deserves to fcuking go no matter what the topic.

    It didn't offend me and I wasn't born in the UK. But it was blatant rubbish.
  3. Well, alright, but the flaming is the fun bit!