RE Hero, anyone ever heard of him?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hellmans, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. A former Armoured Engineer with an MBE, two (YES TWO) Military Medals and a Queens Gallantry Medal

    Anyone ever heard of him? I haven't and, it seems, neither has the London Gazette!

    Commitee Contact Details

    Kevin Bradley MBE, MM*, QGM
  2. Milk Monitor ??
  3. I know there is a chap on here will say in regard to the MiD, his brother I think has been in the London Gazette, but you have to put his middle name in and spell his first name wrong or something.
    But, Reading Sunray's link on the pdf format, does seem a bit strange to do what seems like 3 tours of NI before doing your B3 course? Maybe he's a bit old and confused.

    And I can understand a Walt where civies are concerned, however, in a place where there are other former soliders, wouldn't they spot something?
  4. well he 'commanded one of the CETS which took part in the falklands war in 1982' so a quick check with SAMA will check out ok won't it?

    also a quick check on the times archives intimates a mention in HMs birthday honours 1980 or 1982 - but i'm not wasting £4.95 for a day pass to find out for sure
  5. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    If he was bluffing surely he'd bluff a better cap badge and not the crappy wedge one?

    Maybe he got one MM for being best student on his B3s, one for Best student on B1s and the QGM for skipping B2s and driving a tractor?
  6. Wot e_d_m said; would ex-squaddies overlook an MM and Bar? Seems highly unlikely to me.
  7. Didn't think there were any Frogs in the Falklands
  8. I think that's a reference to me, and yes my brother's first gazette mention is incorrectly spelled, so they definitely do make mistakes. However, my brother also has an MBE and that one was spelled fine, so you'd think that given the gongage being mentioned by the OP - MBE, MM, QGM (!) - they would have gotten one of those right!
  9. Looking at the Falklands Honours list, there are no entries for Kevin Bradley, under MM, QGM or MBE.

    Granted, he may have picked these up elsewhere but he fails to mention any other credible conflicts that he served in.
  11. Surely other members of his branch association have noticed his extraneous decorations - if such they are? I imagine Sir John Stibbon is not a reticent man in these circumstances?
  12. No mention of Kevin Bradley in the London Gazette. Even in a Corps the size of the RE, surely there must be someone who can quickly put the pin in this one? That is a hell of a rack - four decorations is massively unusual and we are talking Blair Mayne territory FFS! Even Andy McNab has only got two... :wink: