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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by LondonExPlod, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Hi Guys

    This may be a rather weird posting but here goes. I have a Rottweiler rescue dog called Jake. He has 3 legs, ( rear offside missing ) He is a real character, friendly , will shag anything that moves, will steal anything that is not nailed to the floor ( ladies underwear and food being his favourites ), in someways he is very much like some ex army mates of mine.
    I was wondering do they have PAT dogs at Headley court. I am disabled and I remember when I was in hospital, I missed my dogs terribly and I am wondering if the lads at Headley would like to see him. Dont know what the staff would say but its worth trying
  2. I think thats a brilliant idea
  3. Has been done....

    ..."We are proud to announce that Happy is now a qualified Pets As Therapy dog allowing us to visit local nursing/residential homes to cheer people up! We have the honour of being allowed to attend 'Headley Court Military Rehab Hospital' near Leatherhead on a weekly basis and Happy has a wonderful time seeing the brave lads and lasses, she especially enjoys the Jammy Dodger biscuits that she gets given too! ".....

    But I am sure they would love another volunteer!!

    Maybe approach these guys that already do it to register your dog...

    Well volunteered that man!!
  4. What a great idea!! :D I guess he'd be very popular at Headley Court.

    Another idea might be to make of video of your dog shagging, with just the one back leg ......... or is it just me that shrieks with laughter at that sort of thing? :oops:
  5. ..and enter him into the "Pets do the funniest things" tv programme and win £250 :)
  6. Thanks for that guys..... I remember when we got him, he had been with a foster home in the first instance. He was found in a wood in Shropshire, starving and was in a bad way. The first thing he did when got into our house was to leap on our elderly Rottie bitch. Her face was a picture, she looked like Queen Victoria being touched up by passing Guardsman. He kept on sliding off but he learnt later on, that if he waited until she was alsleep on the sofa, he could get a better grip. I swear that he was a para in a past life .....
  7. Thank you, LondonExPlod. Isn't it a delight that well-chosen vocabulary can create a more vivid picture than any video.
  8. A farmer friend has a Collie with three legs who visits schools and kndergartens. He changed her name from Ruby to Tripod after she lost a fight with a grass mower.
  9. Thanks guys
    I have made a few enquiries and I will have to get the bugger registered as a PAT dog. We have sent off the paperwork and are now waiting for assesment. I just hope he behaves himself. I will keep you posted, thanks again