Re-hab for a broken leg

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Dodgy_Dodge, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. guys and girls,

    Hoping for some advice:

    Broke my leg (fibula) snowboarding between christmas and New years and have been put in an air cast due to it being a stable break until feb 10th.

    I have had to rearrange my Officer briefing untill April which gives me just over 8 weeks rehab to get back into shape.

    Having had little joy in the past with NHS physios, not their competance but more the fact they are so busy they can only spend 2 minutes with you in the group sessions I am looking to put together a training programme:

    Week 1 - 2: swimming and ankle stretches to regain mobility and light gym work mainly upper body.

    Week 3-4: cycleing to work with continued swimming / gym.

    Week 4 onwards: all of the above but introducing running, building up to MFT and 6 milers by week 8.

    Docs opinion was to say do what you feel comfortable doing, but as we all know that doesn' yeild the results interms of fitness.

    sorry for the long text and any additonal exercises would be welcome.

  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    If they try t'make ya go to rehab - say no, no, no.

    Only you can know if you are over doing it, so don't be too exact on the week plan - too much and you go backwards not forwards, the doc is covering his backside which he has to.
    You can do upper body and stick to cycling with controlled resistence etc for the leg - just avoid big peak loads and work on endurance style training.
  3. I'm currently off work after tearing the ligaments in my left knee, it's a slow process for rehab and I'm aiming at a 4 week programme to slowly regain the strength once the brace is removed before hopefully getting the all clear by the fme. Without knowing your existing levels of fitness before the injury, all I'd say is take each step at a time, excuse the pun. I was injured early December and tried to quickly to get back to normal fitness which has resulted in further damage and sent me back to square one. Start off slowly with your basic walks, add inclines when your compfy and if your happy on that, add a little weight. I'd build your strength on low distances first before moving onto the running or cycling, if the limb and muscles aren't prepared properly, you'll be retyping this thread next month!

    Wish I'd done the same because I'm climbing the Walls with boredom, but atleast I'm advancing on the xbox!
  4. I broke my leg a long time ago, I'd say 8 weeks is extremely optimistic.
    I had a full leg cast and it was at least 6 months before I could use the stairs properly.
  5. I am olso off work with ligament and nerve damage to right leg and hip,been told it will take 9 weeks to heal been 6 so far and i'm having physio through NHS ! These thing take time,don't overdo it in your zealousness to get fit you could end up doing more damage !
  6. Why have you rearranged for April? rearrange for a later date and give your leg the proper and correct time to heal, it took me 18 months to properly repair my legs after breaks and get back to exactly as they were before. As said only you can only judge your own body however it can take that long you shouldnt expect to rush round too soon.

    Ultimatly its your leg that deserves the respect and time to heal its more important to you.
  7. If I am being honest it’s because I want to get the application and selection process started to mean i have something to aim for whilst at my soul destroying "professional" job. But as you say i do not want to be back where i am now due to over eagerness.

    The break is not displaced and isn't the main weight bearing bone, the cast i have is a Robocop type plastic removable brace which is a god send as I can have showers, a full leg cast must have driven you crazy!

    Advice from the doc was to start weight bearing ASAP to reduce the muscle wastage, combined with ridiculous but good leg exercises learned after a knee op the muscle hasn't degraded much.

    I was fairly fit for a civi working a desk job and obviously had been training for the up coming selection process. I will however try and listen to my body, as a young rugby playing thruster i do have a penchant for trying too much too soon.

    Cheers guys
  8. Sorry mate I think they'll f you off at the first medical, and you wouldn't be doing yourself any favours either.
  9. I'd tend to agree that 8 weeks to be back to full training is optimistic, general rule of thumb for lower limb is 12-16 weeks for the fracture to fully heal but you say its not too bad so might be less. That said it'll only be less if you give it rest time to heal - the bone might not bear much weight but it does serve as an attachment for muscles so by using them you are still putting a stress on the bone.

    I know the classes you're on about and i actually happen to think they're pretty good. Either way you're first session with a physio will be face to face (from there they would decide whether you should go in a class to free up space but even then theres no guarentee they would put you in a class) so theres no harm in going in my opinion - its free. They will at least look at it and start you off at the level thats right for you not to go back to square one again which would set you back further. If you decided you didn't want what they offer then at least you have a base to start from.

    edit - just realised its been more or less a month since you did it which might change things a little bit, but id still say go to the physio at least once so they can look at it (and you) and give you proper advice
  10. i agree with everybody. your planned re-hab is a tad optimistic. i ran into a couple of poles whilst skiing. whilst there were no broken bones and no cast, i had a right dead leg and bruised lower left leg. it took me at least two weeks to be able to somewhat flex and extend my right leg, and again, that's without any broken bones. both docs who saw me adviced to do what i can comfortably. just like you, i was eager to get back into the routine and was optimistic with their advice. truthfully, it hurt even to roll around in bed to get a good proper sleep, let alone cycle. whatever you do, just make sure you give it time to heal properly. and yes, talk to your physio. good luck (or as they say, break a leg) :D
  11. Eight weeks back to full fitness from a broken leg? You are Wolverine and I claim my £10!

    I had inflammed cartilage in my left knee and it took 3 months to get back to normal training. Admittedly, I'm an old fart, but even so two months to fully recover from a broken leg is somewhat optimistic, mate.

    As others have said, take plenty of time and make sure you are 100% recovered before you try for selection again. Nothing worse than jumping back in too soon and getting ANOTHER injury.

    Best of luck.
  12. I broke my fibia whilst doing an assault course carrying weight - my leg buckled, bent the wrong way, and my patella hit my fibia with such force, the fibia broke.

    Result, 12 weeks on crutches (whilst gradually introducing weight), and about 8 months of daily rehab. Eventually, I ended up being able to run about 6-8k at a constant pace.

    The bone is still sore even now - about 6 years later, and a later fMRI because of pain in both knees revealed meniscus damage in the unbrokenleg - probably (in the physio's opinion) because of over-relying on the unbroken leg to take the weight off.

    So I'd advise you to not rush the healing process, and let it happen naturally - and I know your doctor has suggested weight bearing as soon as possible, but to me that seems odd advice - especially if you end up over-relying on the other leg & fu.cking up that one, too.

    Edited because spellchecker was over-zealous.
  13. cheers for the advice guys.

    I have found out that my health insurance covers physio so will be making the most of that. It will be over 4 months sicne the break by the time of the briefing but not going to push it too much the only pys assessed is 10.2 on the MFT and then a small assault course! I will just delay again if need be and looks like I wont make the september intake in any case.

    Werewolf your tenner is in the post was it the sideburns that gave it away?

    3 weeks till D-day! knew i should have stuck with sking, but then i would probably be whining about busted knees instead.

    In the words of Topgun.... My ego has been writing cheques my body cant cash!
  14. :D :lol:

    They can keep the Adamantium bones and claws, I'll pass on the superhuman senses - just give me the bloody Healing Factor before I fall apart! 8O 8)