Re: Glossary of Terms


I don't think this is such a good topic M8 - After all, them other humans or civvies or whatever thy are may be linked to the press.  This is a unique site to which we can air all our feelings freely in our own little bubble of understanding.  The last thing we and indeed the CO needs, is our stories plastered over the Tabloids with all the scandals that go with them.
A lot of good blerks are writing alot of good stories (albeit some of them borderline) and memories that are intended for and SHOULD be for us of an Army nature.  
We don't need the baggage that could end up shutting down this brilliant site.
I am sure you agree, and i am sure others will too.
Please understand that i am not having a pop at you, but its in our best interest at the end of the day. P.S It gets Dark
Not a good idea at all. :mad:

Lets keep it in house. where it belongs. ;)

all we need is a couple of pratish Strawberry Mivvies snooping about. Baffle em with ballshite and cover your Asses 8)


Congrats on your 4 stars M8EY!!  But one is surprised by how so few can speak 4 so MenE on probably the most debateable subject on the site??!!!