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Re: Giving up smoking!!!!!!!!

Open mouth wide and fill with fast drying concrete

Then slice off lips with a stanley knife

Very difficult to smoke like this, giving up is just a matter of time

Hope this helps ;D
I tend to find that only smoking whilst drunk helps.

Drink mossive amounts of alcihel, smake betwen 40 and 60 whils doing so and, for all of the nixt day, before the fust botle of meths at lest, the taste of a cigaret will make yu puke up what is left of your liver.

hope this helps as much as the above post ;D
Don't give up giving up!!

As a staunch supporter of smoking for 25+ years and tried everything to give it up, I tried nicotene patches last summer.  What a blessing!! Having tried everything else - cold turkey, gum, microtabs, lozenges to name but a few, I thought that this would be just another wasted effort.  How wrong I was; not only does it take away 99.9% of the withdrwal symptoms, you are not substituting the action of smoking with anything else (apart from applying the patch first thing in the morning).  Once I had completed the course that was it - smoking became disgusting, I must admit I do still get the occasional craving for a cigarette, but it usually lasts no more than 15-20 seconds and then disappears.  Apart from the obvious health benefits, I have saved loads of money andI don't smell like an ashtray anymore. I did put on a few pounds in the months following giving up, but they are now disappearing beacuse the phys is getting easier.  Best of all, you can get these free from the doc. Trust me, give it up, it's well worth it.  ;D ;D ;D ;D


Yup, been quit over 4 years now and its amazing the difference it makes. The old cash in the bottle trick also gives a good incentive, as long as you treat yourself regularly with the cash you save.
I saw a hypnotist, cost about 60 quid at the time (about 10 years ago) Never touched another smoke.
Don't know what happened to all the money I saved though-I'm still skint ! lol


Get a friend to insert every cigarrette up his arrse and then put them back in the box.
You won't know which is which so won't be tempted to smoke any of them. (Mind you, knowing you lot, that would just encourage you).

Get yourself a really bad chesty cough - that puts you off smoking! (haven't had one for a week now )
What about the one were you use an old coffee jar as an ash tray, which is filled with a cup full of water, and every time you need a puff, you just open the coffee jar and take a deep breath?  Apparently it's a rancid smell, which should remind you of what your clothes smell of, plus the murky mess again, resembles what your lungs look like.  Yucky !!

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