RE Geo Tech Trades ?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by noidea, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. I'm applying to join the RE as a Geo Tech . I've just heard that I don't have to do RSC because I've been out less than two years I was in another regiment .( we all know how weird Glasgow can be etc) . I have to do basic again, this time at Lichfield .

    What I wanted to ask is that I apparently have to do a two day aptitude test at Hermitage Berkshire can any of you give me a heads up on what to expect here , All I know is what I've read from the job briefs which isn't much in terms of info .

    Oh If I do pass will I be in a troop of Geo Techs or mixed trades as this would affect my entry time from civi street into phase 1 .

    Cheers people thank you for your time .

    sorry could not resist i resonally do not know BUT will ask around & try to find out anything i can.

  3. What was the other Regiment??
  4. GEEK LOL oh well sense oh humour can't go wrong . :D

    I was in AGC but done two years with RWF now RWR ( sulk ) as TA soldier so can't really be called a geek as I've seen the army from several perspectives ie wading through a river to perform a section attack!
  5. I would probably make sure your maths and english is up to scratch. Research roles, job descriptions etc. Know course contents, career path and likely postings. Each brigade has a small topo section, the majority are posted at Hermitage, there are a few in Hereford. Look on the Engineers website for some more info, not being topo I can't give you the complete lowdown. Hope what I said helps. Good luck.
  6. Why go Geo Tech? They are not called Geo Mongs for nothing! I should know - I heard the OC of a certain Geo Sp Sqn call them that to their faces. PMSL :lol:
  7. Cheers Plant life
  8. If and when you pass the course you would join one of the Geo Sqns, 13 in Hermitage or 14 in Mönchengladbach; both have lots of chances to go to the warm, sandy/dusty places and help with the production of minefield maps etc.

    Give it a go, i've been doing it for 20+ years and it's not all bad.
  9. but the rest of the corps still will call you "geeks" :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  10. Knocker,

    I'm not going to rise to it today...
  11. fair enough.

    the promotion prospects are good at "GEO" OR at least they were.
  12. I sneaked in the back of the DEC ISTAR industry day today to catch CDI's wrap-up for the event.

    Geo got a shed load of credit from him.

    Either something is going right or there is a missing link to the "lady spappers" thread somewhere