Re Gagging orders, Gaging order? what gagging orders? !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Adam(KOS), Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. I was referring someone to this site a few days ago when I got this reply.

    ( Details removed in the interest of their persec. )


    Yeah I know about the site, its one of the reasons that we are not allowed to express our views on public forums anymore. What you would know as a defence council instruction came out a few weeks ago and effectively its a gagging order promising all sorts of retribution if they find out who you are.

    I find it ironic that the very people who risk their lives in the name of democracy find their own freedoms being dictated to by our glorious government. I have it that this gaging order is causing more resentment among the forces and discontent, so much so that retention is going to become even harder than before.

    So is this a shot in the foot by the MOD?
  2. 1 they have to care to try to find out (unlikely)
    2 they have to be competent to find out who you are (how likely?)
    3 you have to give a big rats ass if they make a fuss

    looks like piss and wind to me
  3. I hope no one's blaming ARSSE for the new regs? That would be unfair. It's the Government's fault for dreaming up and enforcing the regs, not ARSSE's fault for (perhaps in part) provoking them. Besides, with a bit of nous they're unenforceable, or a mechanism for martyr-creation.
  4. True, but it's the principle that winds the crap out me :x
  5. You cannot expect a Stalinist such as 'Bottler' Brown and his third rate henchmen to behave any differently.

    Democracy, Free-Speech, Freedom of Thought, - forget that lot, GB is now a virtual totalitarian state and when the 'Bottler' finally hands all remnants of power to the European Soviet Union then it will be totalitarian.