Re: For Sale: Light Infantry Calendar 2003


Saw the LI on the Festival of Rembrance tonight doing their double time quick step marching.more like tap dancing; very impesive....Light Infantry, more like light on their loafas

I was attached to 3 LI many years ago ang what a bunch of gypos they were


I have seen the calander and the propsed stained glass window and i am very impressed with both.  So get your hands in your pockets!!
Scribs, are calendar pics real photos (as opposed to rather grim 'artists impressions'?).

This seems to be the only calendar of its kind being offered by the Army - the offical MoD one has cartoons.

PS Are you in it?  And this leads me on to an ARRSE calendar idea - how about it Eagle... (I know a good snapper..)


From an Ex member of 1 LI Well done nice to see this being done. Keep up the good work, im now spending time with heavy Inf, and its not as good as LIGHT. ;D

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