RE Flag Colours

Someone help me out here. I cannot get my hands on a Corps Memorandum. What are the specific colours of the RE flag/TRF?Stable belt? I've been giving a lot of conflicting answers from Regal Red to scarlet and from Royal to Navy blue. We are trying to get flags made and this is a sticking point.
Doesn't matter old chap, they will be soaked in diesel and oil soon enough. As long as the belt buckle can open a bottle of Becks, you're on to a winner!

From Corps Memoranda:

The Corps Colours are Red (Pantone 202 C) and Blue (Pantone 2965 C). Stripes,
where applicable, will be in the proportions Red 4/32, Blue 5/32, Red 14/32. Blue 5/32 and
Red 4/32, and will normally be horizontal.

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