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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by RDAB-89, May 12, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys, as well as RSignals im taking a great interest in the RE.
    Having my father as an Ex RE ive heard many a stories and the RE is one of the two corps id love to join.

    Im mainly looking at Comms Spec/Fitter. Im currently working in Telecoms and although the job finds itself ok, im not sure that from searching and reading from other views that it is essentially the same, and that i would enjoy it.

    Fitter, well although i have very little hands on mechnical experience (only 21 and spent all my education around IT) ive always been interested in mechanics, engines and how things tick. Quite frankly i prefer to see this working rather than the black magic that is, electronics and circuitboards.

    What would be great is if anyone could give me a "hands on" view of what these trades are like, ive tried searching and ive found a few posts about Comms, but very little on Fitter other than the odd bit here and there.

    If there are any General fitters out there id love to know the best and worst parts of your job, if you find it interesting and just a bit about it.

    Serving comms would also be grateful.

    Kind Regards,

  2. The only thing I really know about our fitters is that they work very closely with REME and are very good at what they do.
    I'll ask around and see what info I can get off the lads, is it anything specific you want to know or just a general overview of what they do?
  3. Hiya, Thanks for the reply.

    A couple of mainstream questions would be fantastic.
    Ill list a few if thats okay.

    1. Do you mainly work in the workshop or out in the field/outside repairs?
    2. Do you do alot of combat engineering in comparison to other RE trades, i understand some trades spend a bit more time on the infantry side of things than actually doing their trade.
    3. Would you say you enjoy your job? Whats the best/worst bits.

    Thanks a great deal

  4. Here's what the lads have told me

    1). It completely depends on your luck. One lad has spent 4 years straight working in the workshops, where as some of the others have ben placed in the field troops and one lad is in resources troop. The outside repairs are mainly on exercise.

    2). The combat engineering depends on where you are. If your in a field troop you will generally be used as one f the section spr's, however it completely depends on what type of unit you go to ie Air support/close support/hq sqn

    3). Depending on who you speak to you get different answers. The army is what you make of it, if you approach it with a good attitude then you will more than likely enjoy it. The answers i got for the best bits were the lads were actually doing their trade if they were posted into the workshops, the worst bits were the lads not doing their trade if their posted to a field troop.

    All in all, I'd say it's the luck of the draw in your posting and how you feel about doing a vast range of jobs, from combat engineering to being underneath a piece of plant and smashing it with the sledge hammer

    Thats just what I've got off the lads, but I'm sure a fitter will be able to provide you with more info
  5. Ah, well that informations helps alot more than what i had so thank you for that!

    Perhaps a fitter will reply in due time, i have to admit i havent seen a great deal about them around here so im wondering whether its because they spend all their time working, or that everyone hates the trade and avoids it like the plague! haha.
  6. Guess theres no fitters around! haha
  7. As a class 2 Ftr Gen i rarely get to do any hands on fittering, I finshed my Trade training about a year and a half ago, since then i have changed a spark plug on a chainsaw replaced oil in a generator and spent a week handing tools to a Craftsman in the REME's LAD.

    I am usually used as a driver since Fitters get their C+E licence from their trade training, 5 other lads from my Fitter course are in the same regiment as myself, 3 others are also in a similar role to me, 1 is on guard and the other has just got into an LAD after a stint as storeman.

    I don't know how we are used on operations, on exercises i am a section sapper, i get to do all the combat engineering stuff, which is what i enjoy anyway.

    As for the trade training, i never touched anything mechanical before i became a fitter, this has worked out unfavourably for me since a lack of underpinning knowledge/experience means skill fade sets in fast and i find myself less than confident in mechanical situations. Some guys who had previous experience have retained their trade knowledge well despite lack of oppertunity to apply their skills.

    I can't say i do not enjoy the trade, because i have not experienced the trade, however this is not uncommon of the RE, if you want to do your trade, go C3, Driver or planty.
  8. 1. I work in the workshop so only touch B vehs on a day to day basis, ALC deal with all the plant.

    2. Not as much. Plant is always going down on tour so you will proabably find yourself getting your spanners dirty everyday.

    3. I can't stand spanners anymore! Which isn't good because you'll be one of the busiest blokes on tour regularly still working when everyone else has knocked off.