Not wanting to turn this into another IS Op thread - but - i do think Spongebob's perception of the IS Op is misguided - although its common.

Firstly the training alone wont get you a high paid job, they can employ school leavers for less than half the price, and secondly although you might be lucky enough to go to a posting which has sufficient training budget to send you on a few courses - the vast majority wont pay for any quals. These days you would be lucky to "earn a mint" on the basis of your IS training and a few MCP's you do for resettlement. Any benefits you reap on civi street after your carear will be directly linked to you dedication during your service and more importantly your ability.



Maybe I am missing the thread here. I joint the army with nothing, they now pay me 30k a year. Respect my opinion, (I work long hours, who doesnt't) I have been doing this job for 15 years, and you want me to complain. My past life would have been crud!! Possibly I would have landed lucky, maybe not. Give us a chance WE ARE THE BEST,

I have great friends, We serve each other well.

Lets get on with it!!
agree with boney had a couple of is retraders living with me recently, not a difficult course by any stretch. IS eng is not just going to gift you a high paid job.

It will give you the grass roots but then it's up to the individuals to get on cisco, mircosoft and similar courses.
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