I am thinking about re-enlisting in the TA again. Would I have to redo CMSR again as I have been out for a couple of years?
Depends on which unit you join, how long you have been out etc, contact the unit you are joing/rejoining.
The official answer is if you have been out for more than 2 years as a private or 3 years as an NCO will mean having to redo CMSR.

But this can be bent if the circumstances warrent it.
Cheers guys.

It was Apr 06 that I was discharged (as a Gunner) so would possibly have to redo, but will probaly depend on what unit I go to.

I heard my old unit were under strength for the next back to back mobilisation, so the possibility s there :)
Good luck then fella and welcome to Arrse.

Was talking to WO2 from my old unit after the Rememberance Parade today (good turnout) and he rekons I shouldn't need to do CMRS again and just pass a medical.

Just to decide on which unit to go for now.
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