Can anybody help, I have served 6 years in the Engineers and got out in november. My contract is now terminated and have been taken off the data base. I am thinking I may of made a mistake and now trying to find out how long it could take to rejoin, I have been told 3 month, 6-8 month and also a year. Does anybody know the truth ?
I am in the process of getting back in. I first applied in early January, still yet to hear anything. I was RLC first time round, but applied for Engineers this time.
The reason that you have been told a wide range of answers is that the AFCO have to apply to APC in Glasgow, this can be a slow beast at the best of times. But they are getting better due to some recent changes.
In my experience it on average takes 4-6 months. The more you convince the AFCO that you are a quality applicant and sure of success, the quicker they will do the footwork for you.
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