Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ex_wobbleyhead, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. I'm thinking of re-enlisting, having only been out for a few months I'm just wodering what the score with it is.

    I've had a quick look around the Army website but so far all I've seen is the "better in than out" leaflet, which wasn't much help when I was leaving in the first place.

    I've heard that if you re-enlist before six months it's a case of redoing ITD's ect and then back to the last working unit. If it's after the six months then it's back to a depot to redo basic...any of that true or was I being led up the garden path.

    Not sure if I'd rejoin as my previous trade but as they were/are a pinchpoint trade would I have to go back down that path? As retrade's from there are difficult I'd rather retrade without going back to a unit.

    Has anyone got any info or personal experience with it that they would be willing to share with a conflustered bleep?
  2. Mate,
    Firstly if you have only been out for a couple of months, are you sure you want to re-enlist?
    Secondly I am pretty sure (our) trade isnt a pinchpoint, can look into further if you wish.
    Thirdly - if you did 'have' to rejoin as same trade, retrade's arent that hard - I know of 2 (poss 3) who have done recently / are doing just that.
    If you want to PM me feel free
  3. If you want to rejoin in your former arm and trade, you will do ITD and be posted to a unit within a PPP they send you. If you want to retrade a 203 (special enlistment) will have to be sent and MCM DIV will advise. I know quite a few people who have rejoined in a different CEG.
  4. hi i re-enlisted last july after taking a year out so to speak i went back to the inf and spend a week in cattrick there was no real set program just got 1157 and sat in the naffi, like your man said take some time to really think why you want back in iam thinking about getting out again already !!!! as for how to get back in just rock up at your local careers office and they will have your eyes out and get you back in within a month or so
  5. Im in the process of trying to re-enlist. I did 5 years in the infantry and been out 18 months.

    I was told if you leave its a year before you can re-join. But cant say thats gospel.

    What id like to know is do I go back on open engagement so I can leave with a years notice, or would I have to do a minimum of 4 years?

    Im re-enlisting to RLC.
  6. Ex_Wobbleyhead

    Check your PMs
  7. I'm with Snagglepuss on this one; if you have been out for only "a few months", what do you think has changed for the better? If it's your mindset or personal circumstances that have changed for the better, then crack on, and rejoin. But if you are expecting the Army to have changed for the better during the same period, you are in for a surprise!

    If you were in a pinchpoint trade, I expect there will be a lot of pressure for you to rejoin in that trade. However, with the current inflow not matching the outflow, the ACIO may be glad to sign you up to anything. If you rejoin and seek another trade, that means reverting to Private and joining a Phase 2 course - with all the new youngsters! That might not suit you.

    I suggest you think really hard about your motivation and your future!

  8. i left in 1986 and tried to re enlist after six months..

    I WAS ONLY 26..
  9. Gents,

    Left in 06 after 15 years. Im now there an age limit on rejoining, but, asking to go into a Corp and not Infantry...? If i am long is the re-enlistment process as I was also told i have to join before im 33?

    I was given 5 different answers from the same recruitment office!
  10. oldbaldy

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    So the answer is? It all depends!!