Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Frost-y, Dec 26, 2006.

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  1. At the moment I have a post going in aviation asking questions about the role of ground crew in the AAC. But I'm seeking answers about the re-enlistment process itself.

    I'm ex infantry and dont want to go back to that role but as above want to go to the Army Air Corps as a groundie. I left in 2003 as a LCpl after serving 6 years with an exemplary record. I'm now 29 and belive I'm still young enough to go back?

    Can I choose to re-enlist in the AAC?

    How long do I have to serve once I re-enlist?

    What pay band will I go on to?

    And anything else you might think I need to know. The main aim of this is to be armed with as much info as possible before I go in to the AFCO and start the offcial paper chase. I know the men and women in the office will try their best to get me back but I know they can also be a little off when it comes to answering certain questions so the more I know the better plus I can keep the missus happy cos she wont shut up with the questions.

  2. My advice from a fellow ex Anglian(Poacher), unless you are desperate for a job don't rejoin. Although as i say, circumstances may be different. I like you done 6 years in the poachers. I did rejoin MPGS again it is different i know, Wife unhappy so i did the minium of 1 year back into civvy street again.I love the freedom of being a civvy, But and a big but, is they(Civvies) are lazy and weak!There attitudes are so liberal and lefty civvies and the don't give a damn attitude with it!
  3. FFS, if you do decide to go back after you've weighed up the pro's and con's, make sure that you are fully aware of what your pension entitlement is. If you go back you'll be on an S Type engangement (no, not the FTRS thing). They may have to close the gap so that you are entitled to a full pension at the other side when you complete your 22. Now, since you've left the pension has changed for those who are joining today. Had you stayed, you would have had the choice to remain on the old pension scheme, but I don't think that you'll be excused the new pension scheme, which isn't all what the Government would have you believe that it is (ever heard of a Government who wants to give you money?).

    If I were you, once I had the pension issue squared away, I'd re enlist. In the time you have to go, I believe that you will see the removal of the 22yr contract and a few other benefits such as recognition and acceptance of organisations such as BAFF. The recent revelations about service life and the manner in which servce personnel are teated by this current Government, will set the pace for the future.

    The main issue (and please do not ignore this or accept any old bollox fro the recruiters just because you want back in), is your pension rights. Make sure you have it in writing. If you aren't entitled to what the next bloke and every one else is getting, don't do it.

    As to your choice of cap badge. I'll give you the same advice as your Dad did when you first signed up.....get a trade. Get something to fall back on if you decide after a few years that you want out again. There's no disloyalty in not returning to the Inf, so don't be pressurised into doing so if it's not what you want. There shouldn't be any problem in re enlisting, as the age limit has just been upped to 33 yrs of age. At this present time, with your previous good service, you should be snapped up. Just remember though, it's not a one way do have some choice in what you want to do.

    You shouldn't expect to be returned to the rank which you left at, particularly if you are going into the AAC. As for paybands etc, you'll have to speak to the recruiters and ask them.
    All the best.
  4. I can understand your observations. first let me say that i am an inf NCO that left in 99 and reinlisted in 03.. i had no problem getting back in after 4 years in civi street and at 36, i kept my rank. my advice is this.......

    check your contract.
    check your not take the AGC at face value !!
    you may go to the AAC in a low pay band.
    Although you want to go and get a trade, pse think about what some are saying.............if you want to be a groundie....why dont you get a job at heathrow..........etc. my point is that you want to rejoin the army and you will be firstly a soldier (xcept agc).

    what ever you do....GOOD LUCK MATE !!!

  5. Frosty make sure you ask the recruiters about the Re-Join Bounty. This is a one of payment of up to 6K and is available to soldiers rejoining after more than 6 months but less than 12 years out. Only certain trades attract it and it is best to ask the relevant Arms and Services Directorate as the ACIOs are not always up to speed on which trades do. Best of Luck.
  6. I done it after 5 yrs out,had to pop up to ATR to be reviewed,got rank back after 1 yr....however changed surname and had nowt but trouble with Pay,Records and Trade.....ffs
  7. All good advice, I re-enlisted in 2002 after 18 months out, I can only reiterate, don't trust what the AGC tell you, I was underpaid for the first 2 and a bit years I was back in because lazy clerks couldn't be arsed to check out what I told them. It was only resolved when I went to a new unit with a different FSA clerk who actually gave a damn about his job that the mistake was rectified. It turned out I was owed the best part of 7 grand but as it was all paid as a oner instead of with pay as it sould have been I was taxed very heavily on it.
    Also if changing trades (as I did in a roundabout way) be prepared to spend a lot of your first 3-4 years back in training as you may be fast tracked through trade qualifications so as you aren't dissadvantaged by spending time out and transfering on re-enlistment.