Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sheffielder, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. on the 24th i get to do my selection weekend for the second time. the first was 20 years ago with the yorkshire vols ta infantry, stayed for nearly 3 years but my job made me leave. this time it is with the ta medics what should i expect on this selection as im a bit rusty on what is expected of me.
  2. I would have thought this question is hard to answer, as there are as many differnent types of selection weekend as there are units - there will obviously be a difference between TA para, sigs, medics etc.

    Best bet is to give the unit recruiters a ring and get the answer straight from the horse's mouth. At the very least it'll show you're taking more of an interest than the other attenders.

    Good luck
  3. tried that but got mixed signals,though my age came up a couple of times.looks like i will have to gear myself up in my head upon the infantry line and i should'nt go wrong.its a shame that their is no one out there who has done this selection to fill me in on what i should work at more.
  4. My advice, is don`t join the RAMC period, set your sights bit higher!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Unless you joined the first time when aged 7, aren't you a bit old?
  6. Not really, if joined 17 then he will be 37, I turn 37 next year and a unit I know said it isn't a problem, 37 is the real crunch as you can still sign a 3 yr contact
  7. ... and become an indispensable part of the warfighting machine like yourself?
  8. Well the main thing is you get to play with a different rifle ( which CAN'T be fired left handed ).... :wink:
  9. im 42 and fire left handed so that puts a stop on that unless they still use old guns like an SLR or gimpy i'd be fine. age limit for RAMC is 45 so ive got a couple of years left in me.