Re enlistment

Hi could anyone help me im trying to find out an address for making appeals to re enlist my local careers isnt any help at all.
Were you kicked out or did you leave voluntarily in the first place?

Have you already applied to re-enlist and been turned down?
Nope wasnt booted out!
I was discharged as temp unsuitable to sort out family problems out.
When i re applied it was nearly a year before i got told i had to attend an interview but i had moved to wales so recruiter said all i need to do is go to the local careers office an get them to contact her for all the details but they refused to they said they couldnt an they would have to start from scratch.
Now i cant seem to get the interview agin. An just get told i shouldnt have moved.
Having just rear your previous posts on this subject I would say that your best bet would be to go into your local careers office, tell them that you left x amount of years ago and that you would like to re-enlist. Fill out the paperwork there ( I signed 2 forms, if memory serves me right) and then wait out. After those forms were sent off, I was told to come back in 28 days if I didn't hear anything in the mean time, after that time is when the careers office can start chasing the application up.

Be prepared though, you might just find that you wont get accepted back in, I understand that due to the recession, recruiting is way up, along with an increased number of people realising that the grass isn't as green on the outside as it first seemed.
The Army used to take on average 200 a month for re-enlistment. Whish isa fair amount of bodies. But since the beginning of this year the average has been about 600 a month. That info came from our RCMO who has just done the course and this is the info record are pushing out. They say that at the current rate the Army will be fully manned by 2011/2012.

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