Re-enlistment upper age limit!


Is there any new rules for re-enlistments? Will the age limit for re-enlistements go up? Or will that be 33 (till your 34th birthday?) also?

If the rules have changed whats the maximum age limit? The army
website hasn't changed their info yet.

It's not for me, it's for a mate! :D

So if anyone is in the know, thanks in advance!


The way I understand it you can re-enlist at any age provided that when you finally retire after a full 22 years you are not over the age of 55. Previous service is also taken in to account so if you served 6 years got out, then re-enlisted you would only have to serve another 16. In this example the re-enlistment age is 39.


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The way things are going you will soon be able to re-enlist anytime before your 97th Birthday...


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I re-enlisted in 2001 just after my 35th birthday, however I was put on an S-Type engagement. I am still trying to find out if I can transfer from S Type to V Eng, to let me complete 22 yrs. If your mate gets any answers on this, PM me and let me know.

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