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I left the RLC last november due to me not being able to transfer to the infantry. (stupid I know but anyone who has been posted to 13 AASR should know how shitty the RLC gets with them, I tried to PPP as well with no luck) So here I am in civvi street with a full time job that I despise. I went down to my local ACIO and told them the story and I was informed the reasons why you can't transfer from the RLC to infantry as its like downgrading yourself so it kinda makes sense.. Even though it's my career. So I asked the question about rejoining into the infantry (yorks or rifles) and he said that they take in 100 rejoins per year and to come back in April. I went back, got the application (not a 203, normal application) and I'm just curious.. Do I even stand a chance? I mean I've completed a tour and I was in 3yrs 6months. I know it's nothing in comparison to others but I seriously do want my career back. I never hated the army, just the corps I was in.
We have an evident c**t on this site. If you don't have anything useful to say then don't bother posting. I'm after constructive criticism, advice.. Anything that'll help with my current situation ie anyone being in the same situation I'm in. Not some childish pish you keep posting. Jogg on.
Calm down dear, it's only the internet.

But you are right, we evidently do have a **** on the site who does indeed posting 'pish'.

My main point being that you have posted virtually the same stuff in several places and have been directed towards a thread dedicated to such matters. Assuming you are not a sockpuppet, you'll get more constructive help if you posted in the right place and didn't start a new thread when your first one didn't get anywhere.

Have you tried asking the ACIO what your chances are? Have you considered the TA?

P.S. I don't do jogging, downgraded.
Mike there are a few people on this site you should take note of AND IF YOU HAD DONE SOME RESEARCH prior to gobbing off would of found out that the originalphantom is one of those people. Now I have lots of very useful things i could of said and advised you on but to be honest with you with an attitude like yours don't think i will bovver. Hopefully Disco will be along soon to clear up the trash threads and point you into the direction of stickies.
I love arrse politics Big men behind keyboards...........NEEEEXXT
You have virtually no chance at the moment. We have more than enough good quality ex-Infantry applicants to fill the vacancies (normally about 50-60 not 100). Limited to taking
ex-JNCOs just now as we are making Infantry private soldiers redundant.

Ask ACIO which other OPPs (operational pinch points) are taking re-enlistments.
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