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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Lost367, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. Hello Gents, Ladies,

    I have applied to re-enlist after a five year break from the Army. I served for seven years in the RLC.
    After a four month wait, I have been informed that I have to sit a panel interview with RAMC personnel. The out come of this interview will be 2 fold: a) That I can re-enlist, and re-train as a CMT, or b) That I have been unsuccessful, and I’m not what the RAMC are looking for.

    Fair enough really. So the question that I am asking the Forum is; has any one else been though this process before? Also I have applied to join the RAF as a Medical Assistant. For most people the goal is to become qualified as a state registered Paramedic. This is not me asking who are better or more qualified. I’m trying to find out as much as possible about two different routes to (hopefully) try and get a recognised qualification.

    Thanks in advanced for taking your time to read this post.
    Kind regards
  2. Hi mate,
    As far as the RAF go, they are trying to get as many med assts as possible paramedic qualified. The way they are doing this is by regular attachments to Great Western Ambulance Service. The downside to this is, at the moment, only personnel from Tactical Medical Wing at Lyneham are involved. (AFAIK)

    To summarise, then, to gain your paramedic (HPC) registration through the RAF, you need to be posted to RAF Lyneham. Other units use their Med Assts in a mainly admin role in a station med centre.

    As far as the army goes, try getting a pm to Tony_Quet (?spelling), or wait until he pops up on this thread. He knows the paramedic score from the green side.

    Alternatively, have a look at getting the paramedic registration through civvy means. I would steer away from the NHS ambulance service as an employer ('cos they're crap) but there is plenty of work in the private sector.

    Hope this helps.

    errors and omissions excepted

  3. Wrong wrong wrong. Currently the RAF Medical Services are trying to get as many of its Med Assts paramedic trained as possible, they are taking Med Assts from all units providing the units can spare them (and the paramedic training is seen as a priority) and they have held a driving licence for more than a year. You do not have to be posted to RAF Lyneham and you do not have to be on TMW. You have to do a return of service when you qualify and there have recently been £15000 incentives to RAF Paramedics.
  4. Dolly,
    Thank you for correcting me in such a succinct manner. I wonder would you be so kind as to pm me the details of the £15000 incentive?
  5. See other threads ref being a CMT and CMT vs ODP. Lot's of opportunity to gain a professional qualification within the AMS as a CMT without having to don a gay raf uniform...
  6. So the army are putting all their CMT through Paramedic training are they? And I think you will find that when it comes to professional quals, getting treated well etc people don't tend to care what uniform they are wearing. And for your information whilst on paramedic training, Tactical Medical Wg and Ops we all wear the same uniform anyway.
  7. Thats as maybe, but we wear it so much better!

    and no, not all cmt's are going to become Paramedics, just those that meet the grade.
  8. Cant disagree with you there Tony! And to that point some of us look damn fine in our shirts, skirts and stockings!

    So back on topic, whats the gen with Army paramedics?
  9. Theyre fookin ace!

    I think that we are looking at a combined training programme in the future (so we'll all be fookin ace). CMT/MA training will be linked to a technician qual with a stream of training for Paramedics in both Army & RAF. Dont think fleet know what they want, but am sure i'll be corrected if they are in the melle too.
  10. I thought as of a couple of weeks ago you all had to wear your GAY uniforms again :wink: "chocs away ginger"
  11. Taken from the other thread: Ref Army Techs and Paramedics

    JMC has stated that the army requires both Technicians and Paramedics. Over the next 3 years 01 Dec 08 - 30 Nov 11 JMC is going to be putting through a minimum of 30 IHCD Techs and 15 Paramedics 2 course of each per year.

    I know that the Tech cse is being phased out of the NHS, however, due to current Ops Tech trained CMTs is still a requirement. Keogh are bringing in a BTec qual for CMTs going through trg - I dont know much about that but it will be a similar qual to Tech- therefore it will replace it.

    All these Paramedic places are extra to the courses run by UKSF med Gp.

    No joint training for Paramedics is planned.
  12. Gents,

    Thanks for all the information. Had my initial RAF interview this morning, and all went well. So now its wait out again. In the mean time I’m currently organising a station visit to RAF Lyneham and see how HQ Tac Med work. So it’s sounding like the CMT's are starting to get the training and qualifications they deserve!

    "recently been £15000 incentives to RAF Paramedics :D ".... Tell me more.............

    Once again thanks to all who've taken the time to contribute,
    King regards
  13. "recently been £15000 incentives to RAF Paramedics :D ".... Tell me more.............

    Has anyone actually got that yet??
    Dolly - I thought that the RAF had a target of 60 Paramedics. You make it sound like all crab medics will go and do Paramedic trg.
  14. £15000 was given to the "original" batch of paramedics that qualified from TMW in about 2005/6 as their 3 years return of service was up and the incentive (if taken) would require another return of service. So it only stands to reason that after three years (2011/12) the next batch of paramedics will be thinking that they might leave to be a civvy street paramedic, so the incentive should come around again. This being the reason the RAF are so desperate to fill up the slots, that way if Paramedics decide to leave they will have enough qualified to make up the loss, the RAF will have to work hard to maintain 60 paramedics, as alot of medics don't meet the spec either through having a lowered med cat or because alot of them just aren't interested.
  15. I think its great that other service people are getting this "Bonus/Bounty/Incentive" other than some nurses and Drs. However, is civi street as a Paramedic really that tempting???? I suppose it could be when your getting bounced from one tour to after another.
    The Army did offer to help out by sending 1 Paramedic att to MERT (continuous) but this was rejected. Typical single service mentality. Not from the RAF Paramedics but from your Command.