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Could anyone help me please. I've been out of the Signals for nearly 2 years after 5 years service and left at LCpl rank.

I'm joining the REME soon and am going straight to phase 2 trade training as a Cfn.
Noone seems to be able to give me a straight answer as to what pay I will be starting on as I've got a mortgage etc.

Does anyone have the answer please? :?
Ta very much.
Sounds like you will have to go in at level 1 Cfn to me, this will go up a level once you have completed trade training then annualy on your IDD. Because you left over 2 years ago im pretty sure that you will have to start all over again.
This is as I thought in the worst case scenario but I've been told the best case is that my previous rank and service will count for something.

If anyone out there has a definitive answer it'd be appreciated but if not I guess I'll find out soon enough.

I know its a tricky question as I've spoken with pay clerks at my new unit who don't have the answer!!

Thanks very much anyway. :)
I don't know about what pay you're going to be on Geeman but as for getting pay rises you will go up an incriment on your IDD date, but you don't get an increase when you finish phase 2. you do however go up an incriment when you get your class 2 (About 1 year for techs, and about 6 months for VMs Armrs etc) What trade you joining the REME as?
Not sure on the rank side of life etc, but your previous service is pensionable at least
I would make your AGC(SPS) blokes take this one on fcuking rapid. An unclear or ambiguous answer is no answer at all. In this day and age, with the voluminous amounts of paperwork flying around this man's Army, I wouldn't accept anything less than a prompt reply on any G1 matter.
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