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I need some advice on the following, any takers?

I wish to rejoin my battalion, and am about to have an interview at local careers office woth the Sergeany Major

I left after serving 4 years in mybattalion, I left (2004) due to personal reasons, and left on good terms with an exemplary record etc. The past 2 years been working in the security industry. for my sins!

I have kept fit so any tests would not be a problem, unfortunately about 6 months back I went through a bad patch an was charged and fined (all paid up) for drunk and disorderly and assault. Will this hinder/stop me?

WHat sort of time frame am I looking at?

Look forward to the replies, cheers!
Each case is treated on an individual basis, but all going well your record should not hinder you on re-enlistment. That is, of course, so long as your fine IS paid, and you have now outstanding court dates, community service, etc.
The fact that you have been out for two years will mean that you will more than likely need to go through basic to some degree again, to negate the inevitable skill fade, but I couldn't comment as to how much.
I'm sure the WO at the careers office will be able to give you much clearer info with full knowledge of your situation.
Best of luck it all goes well!
Careers office will be more genned up on time frames, restrictions, etc........but as young_lofty said, as long as theres nothing outstanding (shouldnt think so, D&D is arrest and ticket only for first time offence, £80), you should be ok. As long as your fit, no health probs and can show your not a leaver risk again, should be ok. Let us know how you get on, good luck.
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