Re-Enlistment Inc Levels

Having just re-enlisted and being told (as I was only out 5 months) I would "carry on normal jogging" and go straight back into my sub rank.

To my dismay I have just found out I have gone from high band inc level 4 back down to inc level 1? There was no mention of this when I signed on the dotted line in the AFCO despite asking all the relevant Q's.

Any other re-enlistee's here have the same happen to them? I am considering using a Civvy Brief if I don't get any joy from Glasgow as I believe I signed my new contract under false terms & it is not whinegeing or sour grapes before I get any sarky replies lol.

Also does anyone knowq the exact terms & conditions for receiving the re-enlistment bounty if it was a voluntary decision to rejoin & not an approach from Glasgow (My trade qualifies for the bounty). :?:
there is another thread on this very subject - somebody is redressing it i believe, because you are supposed to be able to re-enlist with no loss of seniority (if i recall correctly from what they wrote). search around for it mate, might be worth getting in touch with those guys too.
Thanks mate, you are quite correct in that it states in black & white that I will rejoin as a substansive full screw with no loss of seniority. I (and my RCMO for that matter) took this to mean no drop in pay - equating seniority & increment level to be virtually one & the same.

I will try and find the other thread, thanks again.
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