Re-enlistment in World War One.

My Great grandfather fought in the British army in the Boer War leaving shortly after, and re-enlisted at the beginning of World War One. We are having some problems finding his service record and I was wandering if on re-enlistment he would have received a new number or would have served under his old one?
I recall from some histories I've read, sometimes new numbers were issued
At that time 'Regimental' numbers were issued, not the 'Army' numbers of today. This means that if he re-enlisted into any other unit other than his original one he would have almost certainly been issued a new number.

New numbers were also issued sometimes if a soldier was transfered to another arm, corps or regiment. My grandfather had one number issued with the artillery, kept that number when transfered to the MG Corps but a new one issued when transfered to the Tank Corps.

This inconsistancy makes research quite difficult and you can get lots of help at and place a question on the forum there.
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