Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by alliwantisarmy, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi, joined up served 16 months got a admin discharge due to a major family crisis. 1 year later i re-enlisted swore my oath but never turned up for phase 2. Had no contact with the army since. Regret what i done. I need to go get back in its all im good at and all i know. originally left with explerary record. Need to put right this wrong one way or another.

    Can i re-enlist? any response welcomed
  2. I'd make your first port of call your local ACIO. Not knowing the full circumstance of your situation, I couldn't possibly say yay or nay, as I can imagine this has the potential to become quite a complicated one.

    Go to your ACIO tomorrow morning, explain yourself, and see what happens.
  3. just so im clear you had a second chance blew it and now want a third chance???
  4. Desperatley yes, 100% Im just going to have to take it all on the chin and hope for the best.
  5. I didn't think the army let recruits do that, i.e. not turn up for Phase 2, why didn't you bother?
  6. Something I've just realised- you never showed for phase 2, and you've had no comms with the Army since- are you sure you aren't posted AWOL?

    So much for leaving with an exemplary record.
  7. because im an idiot! I have a reason i just dont want to put it up on here.
  8. Iv been told that you cannot be classed as awol for not turning up for parade as you didnt actually leave and not return. As strange as it sounds im not sure.
  9. im sure you mean you didnt turn up to phase 1 as im sure if you didnt turn up to phase 2 is going awol, all i would suggest is dropping by the recuiting office and seeing what they say but i wouldnt hold my breath to be honest.
  10. But you had enlisted, and failed to report to your place of work without being granted leave, yes? Sounds like a pretty textbook case of AWOL to me...

    Either or, I still say your best bet is your ACIO/ AFCO. Tomorrow morning. Do it, and let us know how you get on.
  11. thats true, thinking about it the contract is signed at the same time as the oath right so he would have been employed by the army.
  12. Cheers and I appreciate your comments. As bad as you may think i am, I was damn good soldier. I just had some issues and dealt with them in completely the wrong way.

    I fully understand my actions and accept all responsability, no talking my way out of this one.

    Just dont want this to be left open ended, want to pursue my chosen career and suffer the consequences, and hopefully get on with what im good at. Ta
  13. my bold.
    I believe the exemplary record was for his completion of his first stint, before the admin discharge.

    coded - If he was re-enlisting within a certain period of time, he wouldn't need to do phase 1 again.

    alliwantisarmy - If you took your oath of allegiance, and failed to turn up, you're AWOL. Your logic that you hadn't attended a parade doesn't make sense. Your oath of allegiance was a parade. Good luck at the ACIO/AFCO or whatever it's called nowadays.

    ............ and I don't think anyone's said your "bad" mate. :)
  14. Quite right RE: the exemplary record, after re- reading the OP that makes sense- Apologies alliwantisarmy!

    Mamontgo is right, nobody has said you are bad, as you have said you know it was a bad way to go about things. Takes a man to admit when he's done wrong.
  15. I know what have done is wrong. I jus want to re-enlist and crack out the rest of my carrer. Im in my prime, fitter then ever and these should be the best years that i can give to the army.

    Either way i have to put things right, for better or worse. This is eating me up, Im a shit civvie.

    Just hope i get the chance to clear this up and get back in. Ta