re enlistment dilemma

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by woody2610, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. evening troops! hope sombody can advise if poss, i was in infantry from 1998-2001 had no problems and like to think i was a bloody good lance jack got into spot of bother over a credit card and ended up in glass house by this time i gave prior notice to leave the army military record was fair however write up was best thing since sliced bread . i now want to re enlist i'm now 30 and keen as f**k whats my chances? i am going through process at mo just wondered how glasgow make there decisions.
  2. i'd check on MOD website for ages... i know the Engr's oldest i heard is 27.... and by fook by the time you get your pension you can sign for state at same time...
  3. I know one thing about Glasgow, they take their time :angry:. The age for enlistment has now risen to 33 years for most trades IIRC. Check the ArmyJobs website, that should give you all the ages for every trade, and good luck :).
  4. You could phone up your friendly neighbourhood AFCO? :)
  5. Thanx mate nothings dead till it's buried i always say !
  6. i was 27 when i re enlisted,i had been bust n done 28 days nick ,and i was ok just be honest,that was 10 yrs ago
  7. lies shaggy... no nes that old and not hid in the bedding store nowadays!! Captain Mannering!
  8. thanx guys !
  9. be prepared to wait a long time- local afco sent of for my re-enlistment stiff on the 22nd january- still nothing.
  10. Yeah i'm 27, went for re-enlistment in january. its now april and still nothing. i got a letter ladt week saying "They are aprox 300 people re-enlisting with the same problems" its all about the medicals, the MOD say some people need them and some dont, then the Army training centres are saying some dont and there not agreeing on who needs what, i too am realy eager to get back in but its taking ages :(
  11. 27 max age for infantry
  12. Where are you getting your info from alliwantisarmy?

    This says it's 33 - Clickety Click Does the trick
  13. I believe the upper age limit for joining is 33, yes your quite right.......say if he wanted to join the RLC for instance.

    However for the upper age limit for the infantry is 27.
  14. Me too re-applied in january. MOD is CIVI run, it sucks.
  15. Actually i just found out some paperwork, i re-applied in december and got the "Ok you allowed to join" in january. :?