Re-enlistment Blues

I've just taken some time out in Civvy street and have now gone through the process of rejoining.

On my first day I back in, I had to do all the RAO stuff of getting put back on the system and get my docs reactivated etc to prove to records that I exist. Imagine my surprise when I didn't get paid this month, so I took a little trip down to the pay office and some 12 yr old AGC Sgt calmly told me that I wasn't to worry because it could take anywhere between 5 to 8 MONTHS for things to get sorted.

I expected a bit of turmoil when rejoining, but is our admin system that backwards? Luckily, I'd vectored in the Army's incompetance and saved enough funds so I wouldn't get my house reposessed. The RAO told me that if I get stuck, all I had to do was find the 5 minute slot in the morning when they were open and come, cap in hand, and beg for a BACS transfer of funds so the baliffs won't come and take the TV away.

Would some RAO/Glasgow type like to explain why it takes so long to fix someone's pay? Why can't pay offices be at the Regtl level instead of in Scotland so that individuals may be tracked and altered at source. Sounds a bit to easy to me?

Oh and as an after thought, if pay was to be taken off me for something, why does it take the Army minutes to carry it out?

Rant over!
Just as I thought, no joy from the Admin office

Are you gullible? It DOESN'T take 5-8 months to sort pay out. Imagine your bank saying we've messed up your money, but don't worry, we'll have it fixed in 5-8 months ! You should report this through the chain of command (i.e; via an OC's interview). 5-8 months is pure bullshiit. A phone call to the pay centre by the pay Sgt would be suffice to get the ball rolling.

Apologies for the gullible bit, but it’s YOUR money ! If I’d have been told 5-8 months, I’d launch the pay Sgt through the nearest window.


When you rejoined you entered into a contract with the Army/MoD/Govt/Sovreign. You agreed to do what they told you and not go on strike and they agreed to pay for it. This is legally binding on both parties, so by not paying you within a reasonable time (no more than 1 month I would recon) the Army are almost certainly breaking the law-it really grips my sh1t that we are allowed to mess our boys around like this.
The likes of you and I would certainly have been sacked long ago for such incompetence! I've spent nearly 41 years shoveling through this kind of crap service and can hardly wait for final retirement day and the plethora of pay/pension related problems it will inevitably bring. Seriously, I gave up faffing around with the jobsworths, who now seem to rule the world, and the majority in the chain of command, who are too overworked juggling budgets and failing to fall on their swords at the appropriate moment. Some time ago I realised that in order to get a result, AND scare the sh*t out of the inadequate/tardy/idle/uninvolved, it is necessary to cause the "management" (spouse) to visit/write to the local MP. I have little time for politicians, but the Commons notepaper has the most galvanising effect on prats; make the bastards "have it" :twisted:
From my experience Oggy, it's all went to rats and no f*cker gives a monkeys. When I re enlisted, I was paid as a Class 4 Pte (I'll not say what I left as nor what rank I came back in on.....but it was a wee bit higher that Class 4 Pte!). I was f*ckin' mortified when I seen my first pay slip.........I thought they only paid the Guards so little! Took ages to sort out and even then, I ended up owing them money?

Since they resolved my pay, it's been OK, but I've experienced a plethora of other **** ups/delays due to the lack of interest/incompetance etc.
Much of this lies with MCM Div at Glasgow. Since they opened '65 Brown St', I've yet to meet anyone in the Service who hasn't been adversly affected by their 'lack of interest/failure to respond way' of conducting business. The left hand never talks to the right hand.

Even the TA are getting f*cked over by them. Mate of mine's brother came back from the Gulf to find that he hadn't been paid at all and that he was months behind on his mortgage. He's married with kids. Glasgow 'can't' help him and Chilwell won't answer the phone. The man is at his wits end. It's outrageous. If one of those lot in Glasgow went a day without theri pay, there would be bloody murder going on up there. Different story when it comes to us though. I've never known anything like it.

But to be honest with you, it's not just them. Quite a few of the higher archy in my tribe are just as bad. Not interested in your problems.....they have careers to be getting on with. There are those who are great at supporting the troops, but sadly they are also banging their heads of brick walls and get themselves into trouble by fighting your corner. I'm not sure what's happened to the Army, but I sure as f*ck can't wait to go. I'll see it through for the pension, but that's it I'm afraid.

It's a crying shame, because this firm used to really have its act together. People got disciplined if they couldn't/wouldn't/didn't do their jobs. Now everybody wants a commission and nobody gives a shit. I'm of the belief now that they should stop LE commissions. They should return the proper Pay Clerks to Pay Offices and Office clerks to Admin Offices. You might see a better service then. Pay off as many of the civvies as they can and get soldiers back into those jobs, instead of constantly trying to 'omni role' every body.

F*ck a soldiers pay and admin around, you have an unhappy soldier. An unhappy soldier is demoralised and that affects his/her performance. They need to be safe in the knowledge that all is well on the home/pay/admin front, so that they can deploy concentrating on the job that they signed up to do.

Little wonder that we constantly lose people to civvy street.
Oggy, I was in a similar situation myself a while back. By the time I gave up on 'the system', I had been underpaid for 17 months! (Granted, underpaid is better than not being paid at all!)

So, how did I resolve the situation? I went to see a solicitor, who advised me that the Army were most certainly in breach of their contractrual obligations to me - ie they are obliged to pay you, at the correct rate.

Obviously, this is not the service you are receiving. What you should do is write a letter to your CO (in civvie terms, he is your boss), explaining what has happened, what has been offered and what you have done. At the end of this, advise him that if the situation is not remedied in a reasonable amount of time (I would say about a month), you will begin legal proceedings against him - the CO. This is the important part, as it is the CO who, as your recognised boss, is legally responsible for seeing to it that you are paid at the correct rate. Once your CO is aware of this, I am sure he will apply pressure in all the right places to get this situation resolved as speedily as possible! It worked for me. Indeed, it was amazing how quickly a solution was found was the CO got involved!

Question - why is it that soldiers are having to resort to the threat of legal action to get routine matters like pay sorted out correctly and in a reasonable time? Nothing to do with understaffing/quick turnover of staff? Nothing to do with that centre of administrative excellence MCM Glasgow? (It can't be that - MCM was started to improve efficiency after all!) Or is it just too much bureacracy?
Thanks for your replies guys, the panic is over now, I've just been paid after 2 months (with back pay) so the bailiffs won't be knocking.

It's interesting that after my initial re-training period, I turned up at my first unit and I enquired about pay, I was given the 5-8 month answer again.

On my previous enlistment it took the pay office 8 months to stop my NI pay and civilian clothing allowance (higher rate) off me on my return to England, and I was bugging them weekly to stop it. Guess what happened one day, I didn't get paid because I owed them.

Will someone in the know tell me why local pay offices don't have control over our pay and rely on signals to Glasgow to change things, or would that be to easy?
Local Pay Offices haven't been looking after Pay for a long time - stopped doing that cause it worked and cost money. The government of the day realised that they had shafted the Scots with Poll Tax so they would employ them all for very little money, working with the lowest bidder (EDS) to 'Administer' the Pay & Allowances for the Army.

On your problem, you knew that you were being overpaid - put the money to one side cause you know it is going to come off in 1 big lump sum and then take it back out of your high interest account and live off that. Or give it to your RAO to hold for you if you can't save it yourself - I know most will gladly hold it for you, saves us a lot more work and greif later on

A crappy system I know but hopefully that will change in the next few months to the same system as the Officers (here's hoping !)
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