Re-enlistment and Preserved Pension

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by jakepeg, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. I always knew this would come back and haunt me at retirement, anyway all advice is welcome, here is my dilemma, I will be leaving the army next year July 2013 and asked for a pension forecast which I promptly received, however i belive it does not show my aggregated preserved pension (which was done last year by letter and acknowledged) as it only tally's up with the pension calculator. So here goes

    Joined JLR Sept 1982

    Joined Unit Jan 1984

    Turned 18 July 1984

    PVR'd March 1991 (Preserved Pension sat this point) approx 2600pa and lump sum of 7000

    Re-enlisted March 1995

    Service Enlistment Date changed to March 1987

    Discharge July 2013

    I spoke to SPVA who say my pension figure is based on enlistment date of 1987, what has happened to my preserved pension having aggregated it with current service,

    Leaving Rank WO2 high band incremental level 9 if that helps
  2. I am no expert but it seems you're "in the black" here. When you PVR'd in Mar 91 you had earned 6 yrs 9 mnths preserved pension (even though you had another 1 yr 10 mnths of non-qual service under 18). When you re-enlisted in Mar 95, they "backdated" your enlistment date to Mar 87 and your pension forecast is based on that. So they've "given you back" 8 years. Putting the same equation slightly differently, you were out for 4 years of your adult service time but your pension date is only 2 years 8 mnths after your 18th birthday.

    I stand ready to be corrected by the real gurus - but I'm afraid I can't see what your real issue is...

  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I did'nt think JLR service counts.
  4. Your preserved pension should have been for service from 18 July 1984 to the date in 1991 that you left.

    I cannot think of a reason why, on aggregation, you should magically lose about three years' of your hard-earned preserved pension. If it is just seniority they are taking from you that is another thing but your pension should not be affected.

    Challenge SPVA for a full explanation. If you get into difficulty join the Forces Pension Society and we will help you do so.

    Good luck.
  5. JLR service doesn't count, however I always thought that pensionable service started at one's 18th birthday but studying a recent pension statement it appears that mine stated at 17 1/2. Not complaining like.