Re-enlistment after redundancy???

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by aliboyprice, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. I served in the Army as a Pioneer for 10 years however left in Dec 2012 after applying for voluntary redundancy. My service ended whilst at 2 ATR Pirbright employed as a section commander. I received excellent SJAR's whilst there and came top of my Company (just trying to paint a picture, not blow my own trumpet lol). A son on the way and my wife's career, (police officer) the time felt right to leave and train for a new career. After I was told I had been selected it hit me that I'dade he wrong decision and didn't want to leave however it was too late, the decision could not be reversed without appeal which I wouldn't have won. After speaking with my CO, RSM & RCMO, I was told I could possibly re enlist after 473 days out ( approx 15 months), but with the cut backs I might only be possible to join pinch point recruitments. I'm looking for general advice really, does anyone know of anybody that's joined after redundancy?? Obviously I will be visiting my local careers office however I hurt want a bit of ammo before I go in there. Cheers
  2. It'll depends where the vacancies sit, if any.

    Also, be aware that if you were on AFPS 75 you will rejoin on AFPS 05 (soon to be AFPS 15) and, at present, the 2 schemes cannot be aggregated.
  3. Doesn't it defeat the object of redundancy if you can rejoin? (I hope you can rejoin though - good luck!)
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  4. I haven't really been to concerned with pension prospects, I suppose that's just something ill have to accept but cheers for the input.
  5. The redundancies just get troops re or batted to where the big wigs want them in order to save money. I pretty sure I can re enlist at some point, it'll just be where the army needs me I suppose as they have the selectivity these days. It's just the same as when people always say "how can they be recruiting if they're making redundancies", its just natural wastage that has to be turned over
  6. I stand corrected as there is a letter in the current soldier mag about this - you can aggregate for final pension, but not for the Early Departure Payment (EDP).
  7. Cool, thanks again. Sounds pretty standard considering I've already had a large payout.
  8. Why were you not offered a chance to transfer instead of leave? (unless it is something to do with you volunteering).

    Ask the recruiters for the pinch point trades, and remember you may not come back in at the same rank.
  9. A few friends of mine have transferred and its worked out well for them eventually, however overall the process seemed so long winded and stressful. I was at pirbright training recruits for 14hrs a day doesn't leave much time to investigate other avenues. I'm not too bothered about rank, just want to be back in. I need to pop in to an AFCO but they're only open mon-Fri.
  10. In the knowledge that I am dicing with death and "Smacky Bum Bum" from Disco, can I just say something please?

    You money grabbing bastard.
  11. And unless I'm mistaken, today is Tuesday. :???:
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  12. Bore off! I wasn't going to leave with a pat on the back, bottle of port & testimonial of service. Family to support means money needed to train for a decent job rather than security guard or some other throbbers job.
  13. I work Mon-Fri
  14. Then tell your boss, the check-out supervisor, you would like a few hours off tomorrow/Thursday/Friday*

    There you go, job done

    *-Delete as applicable or whatever is acceptable to Aldi's staff holiday procedures
  15. Would you pay the redundancy money you got back if you were able to re enlist?
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