Re-enlistment after misconduct discharge

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by taric, May 21, 2006.

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  1. I got discharged from para-reg for being sent to prison and when i got out i recieved a letter from my adjutant with a reference from my C.O. along with instructions how to re-join via the careers office and the final say would lie with glasgow whn i went to the ACIO they told me there shouldn't be problem due to the gleaming reference from the C.O. of my battalion and he also said that recently there have been a few cases like mine does any one have anything for me on this subject ?????????

  2. The Forces are desperatley short of experienced manpower. I'm pleased that they're prepared to give someone a 2nd chance & i wish you all the best.......
  3. AAAAH thanks for that finges dude but you do know there's still a chance Glasgow can say no it's not definate it's one of them things you can't be sure about until it's done if you get mey drift???

  4. Your CO, along with the rehabilitation of offenders act, will be your best allies. The former has already weighed in so I doubt if there'll be a problem:)
  5. The rehabilitation of offender's act ??? any chance of explaining that one to me mate!!! i know what it is but how will that one work in my favour???

  6. short, you f*cked up & received a custodial sentance. You have since been released and the conviction is deemed 'spent'. It will follow you around for a while (depending on the nature of the offence) but the fact that your unit want you back suggests they're happy to forget about it.