Re-Enlistment after discharge

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I was discharged just over 6 months ago due to dramas down town. Now im trying to get back in the army and wondered what my chances are.

Also does anyone know whether different regiments have different policys on accepting someone back in or does the application just go to one place for all regiments. i.e one regiment may take you on where another wouldnt???
Come on then, tell us all about it. What happened, what part you played in the whole thing and what was on your discharge papers.

Where were you at the time an what stage of basic you were in?
We are well rid of you. If the DS got you SNLR then try ASDA or LIDL as a career
Your chances are slimmer than an anorexic on hunger strike.
I take it that the reason you are asking here rather than at a recruiting office means that you already know the answer to your question, but are hoping to hear some sympathetic advice. With this in mind, here is some to get you going.

Good luck in civvy street.
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