re enlistment after discharge due to misconduct

hi guys wondering if any one knows the policy for reenlistment into the army, my history is as follows joined at 16 done 5 years and made a silly mistake in 2000 (me and a couple of lads ran up an enormous barbill in the george hotel in colly and legged it without paying the 12 grand that we had run up) as a result we were handed 9 months in hmp chelmsford and subsequently we were discharged under qr para 9.404 misconduct and given unsatisfactory as our conduct, these convictions are know spent under the rehabilitation of offenders act, any help would be appreciated guys thanks, and before the idiots jump on board shouting about "p**s off and join the legion" i went to aubagne and got temporary medical discharge for 12 months
All I can say is good luck.....but next time, don't get caught!

Even though your conviction is spent, it will still be on your permanant record, the only thing you can do is try and prove that you have changed, what have you done with yourself in the last 10 years, have you done any training, courses, charity work, etc etc etc.

Having Unsatisfactory on your record will not be great, and with manning nearly full, then you will stuggle to get back in.
Unfortunately, it appears, the Armed Forces have an exemption from the Act for the appointment to jobs where national security may be at risk.

Manning levels are up so the Army can afford to be choosy again as many people have found out when they have tried to sign back on.

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