Re-enlistment after CDT failure

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by burdo64, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. If one was to have served a short time in regular service and given a services no longer required for failing a cdt positive for THC (cannabis).

    What is the likely hood of being elegible for enrolemnt again later in future life,
    would there be conditions is it possible atall or not, any help on this matter is much appreciated.
  2. Without jumping on the "feck off, you got caught and dont deserve to get back in" wagon ill say the following.
    1. If you think you were innocent then go about and prove it..we had a Cpl kicked out for failing CDT, was adamant he didnt do it. Did the hair test etc and long and short of it was he was innocent and the CDT test company fecked up and tested the wrong sample. Forget what CDT people say, it can happen. He was allowed back in and is now a WO2 about to finish his 22 yrs.
    2. We have had a guy fail in basic training CDT, arrive at the Unit and has been told he can stay in. Myself, i dont agree with this but then we need every boot on the ground dont we....just prefer them to be clean myself!!

    So im tempted to refer you to my first paragraph!!
  3. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    I think it's highly unlikely although time may play a part. If it was last week, no chance (!) but if it was ten years ago maybe, maybe not. You know yourself how intolerant the Armed Forces are with regard to drugs although the stance has softened somewhat over the years particularly with regard to cannabis use. How long ago were you SNLR?
  4. Its a definate NO from me!!!!
  5. quoting from "Recruiting Bible"

    Personnel discharged from any of the services, after a positive CDT result are ineligable for entry into the Army, thus resulting in a PERMANENT BAR to enlistment.

    Page 11-3-5, sub para e
  6. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    There it is! Jog on fella..
  7. Thanks for your input guys, It was 4 years ago just to let you know.

    I left and landed a job insalling hi-teck coms ecuiptment for SERCO home affairs, security clearence was needed for that, Now i work for a public transportation company and i'm fully skilled at my trade and this particular company employs a compulsary random drugs testing regeme.

    So being SNLR'd for that reason hasnt stoped my employability thus far.

    People can change, just wonderd if that kind of thing is looked at or is it just a full stop NO

    So i'll JOG ON to my 22k a year thanks ;)
  8. Is that all. I would give it up and join the Army mate, the pay's not as good but the holidays are better.
  9. £22k a year and you're boasting about it?
  10. £22K. Is that it? I wouldn't be boasting.
  11. Spliffs are on you then eh? :roll:
  12. You clean the buses then? :D
  13. lol i get paid for what i know m8 not for what i do, it was a simple question obviously too much for your even more simple mind to handle . when theres someone mature enough to answer then come back. Nah spliffs aint on me but ur maw is , i'd preffer a whisky.
  14. and what the fucks a bus got to do with anythink
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