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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dean2514, May 4, 2008.

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  1. i put in an application for re enlistment and the careers officer told me it could take upto 90 days does any one know if it could take longer as it is coming up to 90days and iv heared nothing, i have call a few times but i dont want to pester them. thanks dean
  2. Not wanting to jump to conclusions but asking about SNLR and then asking about re-enlistment doesn't look to good in any ones eyes.

    If you were discharged SNLR then that might be an indicator as to why your 90 days are nearly up and you've heard nothing.

    If you were not SNLR'd then contact your ACIO's and ask them!!!!
  3. all i want to know is do they have to give me an answer or do i just take it as no if i hear nothing. i know it was my fault for the way i got out and there is no one to blame but me but my life is on hold till i find out what is going on.
  4. We've all made mistakes inour youth, but it's time to grab the bull by it's horns and if re-enlistment is what you are really after then put some pressure on the recruiters and get them to do their job.

    I'm not saying be abusive but pressure them to give you a straight answer so you can move on. In whatever direction that may be.

    I hope you've learnt you're lesson on whatever you're indiscretion was, if you have best of luck.
  5. Have you heard anything yet?
    Im in a similar situation, I have re-applied after a good few years of being out, it has taken about 3 months for them to tell me that I have been accepted back in, Im sure they will tell you either way, just give them another call and again the week after and so on.
    I think it does take that bit longer for us that have previously served, depeneds on your age too.
    Good luck
  6. It took them almost 6months for me to be cleared to rejoin! the whole process has taken 15months from enquiring to returning to training next week, have a new nig service number too! Just have a word and see what they say, keep chasing them and they willgive you an answer to get you off their backs
  7. You might want to take a look at my posts at the end of this thred link

    To summarise - the service from Glasgow has been appalling as of late and recruiters cannot touch you until Glasgow has had their say.

    Note. - Re enlistment is possible if SNLR was given on discharge and is looked at on an individual basis. (all depends on why!)
  8. Hi im hoping to re-enlist
    I was told by my co and medical officer that i would be discharged as temp unsuitble on compshinate grounds but it has snlr on my discharge papers.
    Due to My mother being ill an my brother at the time was 12 and he was not being looked after properly and on the verge of being taken into care! i was refused leave so i then tryed to get guardianship of him which i was told the only way i could do that was if my mother agreed which she refused because the benfit she got for him paid for her addiction.
    So it seemed at the time that claiming i had self harmed was the quickest and only way far me to get home to take care of my brother!so i told them i had taken an overdose an the process started!
    Now i want to re enlist an wondering what i can do if i am turned down!
    Who do i appeal to?
    Should i send a letter when to people who decide exsplaing the situation at the time?
    Sorry about spelling and that! thanks for taking the time to read
  9. You don't say how long ago this all was. If the issues you mentioned are likely to happen again there will probably be little chance of you getting back in. However, if your brother is now of an age that he can look after himself (legally as well as being physically able). and/or your mum is no longer "ill" you may stand some chance. I would think your best bet would be to go to the ACIO and lay your cards on the table - get it from the horse's mouth rather than relying on advice given on here.

  10. Thanks for your reply
    It was 2003 when i left
    My brother is now 18 an able to take care of his self an theres not a chance id be throwing it all away agin.
    i want to get my life an career back on track
    Ye i will go an see them and exsplain
  11. Good luck.

  12. Hi

    Was wondering if I could get some help?I was discharged in 04 on papers my discharge is SNLR (yes I was a Cnut) but I'm now in Australia and was wondering if anyone could tell me if I'm eligable for the Oz army. Have tried to talk to someone this end but they won't speak to me until my resdency papers come through. A heads up on my chances would be nice, if anyone can help much apprciation.
  13. Personally I couldn't give you much info but it may be worth having a look here:


    And here:

    Another LINK

  14. I was out for only 7 Month's before i applied to get back in and it still took a good 3 Month's!

    I got a call saying be at this unit next week!

    I kept badgering them as well so keep at it.

    All i can say from this experience is guys if your thinking of leaving, have a long hard think as it ain't as rosy as you think out there.
  15. ive re-enlisted and it has taken me since last november, and only now ive been put forward for pre-selection.