Re enlisting

I joined up at the age of 16, did training at Harrogate then joined my Battalion just before my 18th birthday, was doing well and was promoted at just over 19, did tours of Iraq, Kosovo and Ireland and was doing ok.

Then one night after a skinfull of lager, i drove my mates car, got pulled by the police and it was all down hill from there, I was busted and became really p155ed of with life and asked to be let out, not PVR, no signing off just asked them to let me go, which they did under QR 9.414 services no longer required.

Now 18 months on I want to join up again, but have been told not to bother as the services no longer required category of discharge is very seldom overturned.

Is this the case? would I be wasting my time?
Go to your local ACIO and ask.


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