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Long time lerker, first time poster.

I was looking for a little advise on the following situation.

I am putting in an application to re-enlist in the Army; however, after speaking with several comrades, it's become apparent that it can take an impressive amount of time to get back in, whereas a first application from a civi can go through within a few months.

Last year I had a name change, so I was wondering if I should apply under my new name (surname is the same, so no need to declare this to the Army - their own rules) and leave out the previous service section, hence a quicker re-enlistment, or to include my service details and choose to wait (one friend has been waiting over 13 months now, no convictions, honourable discharge).


I re enlisted 7 years ago....and tbh the process was as quick as I wanted it to be.

Admittedly I was in a pinch point trade, but still from walking back in to the careers office to drawing my new 1157 took just over eight weeks...

I think it all depends on what the vacancies are and what you have to offer the Army your old Corps or Regiment.....
Do you think that they dont do full checks on you and let anybody get in without proper paperwork, even with a change of name certificate you need your original birth certificate. Plonker.

Ok just take in your Certificate of service and also your birth certificate, change of name (solicitor) certificate and you'll then have a quick chat/interview about why you want to re-enlist, why you got out and elligability questions. They'll send a Special Enlistment reqest up to Glasgow and the desk officer will make a decision.

It can be really quick if going in the same job, if you've been out less than a year you may not need a medical or go back to selection....its all on MCM say so.

Remember you cant DAOR as a re-enlister, dependant on how long you served you could be classed as a Re-Reservist and could be extremely quick with you going back in your old trade and rank but your recruiter will be able to assess that so go into the ACIO and start the ball rolling.
In addition to Irons comments above, why would you want to throw away pensionable service?

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