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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Drumm8124, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. Hi there I am looking to re enlist back into the army I got discharged in 2009 because I was a stupid young boy and was getting a bit fed up with army life so I told the RMPs that I had been taking drugs just so I could get discharged but I never got drug tested is it still possible to re enlist?
  2. I doubt it. Nor do I believe that you were not drug tested when you made your spontaneous confession of drug abuse. Wah.
  3. Some promising potential recruits with clean slates are stuck with a long wait for training. I think you will have little chance.
  4. Why would I make it up about me not being drug tested :? my only regret is telling they lies to get out because civi street is shit!!!:crash:
  5. no way no how
  6. I find it hard to believe that they didn't do a drugs test to make sure you were. Regardless, you admitted you were so they're unlikely to believe you just made it up. I think you'll be very lucky if they do let you back.

  7. Why would I make it up if I am looking for straight answers on here :|
  8. I DAOR'd at sixteen because I wasn't ready for it and a massive family issue came up. I had a good record up until that point too and it's been a two year process of jumping through a lot of hoops to get back in for me, you don't have much of a chance with this drug lark (if it's true), though stranger things have happened. Go into an AFCO / ACIO and see if they laugh you out of the door or let you crack on.
  9. Well it would be a waste if you asked me considering the army is over stretched at the moment and Iv served 4 years up until my stupid mistake. Looks like ill just need to go into the AFCO to see wat they have to say about it.
  10. Well if you're looking for straight answers then this is the place to get them.

    You will have no sympathy from people that find drug taking the lowest of the low.

    Regardless for how overstretched you may think the army is they have plently of upstanding blokes trying to get a place, why would they waste the time with someone that cried wolf.

    don't be too upset if they tell you no at the AFCO you've only yourself to blame.

    I thought ever since people tried the "Oh i'm a drug user" ploy to get out, they started drugs testing then a short stay at Colchester then the boot?
  11. Civvi St is only shit if you're a 1st class mong.........oh
  12. Regardless of the fact that you did not get tested, the fact is you owned up to a very irresponsible piece of behaviour which is now recorded in the don't touch with a bargepole column of your docs. Drug taking is not exactly something the Army would take lightly. Afraid the tar from the brush is all of your own making.

    That said good luck in the future.
  13. When (if) you lied to get out of the army and return to civvy street, you were trying to escape from a situation you didn't like.

    Now that you're a civvy and trying to re enlist, you are attempting to escape from a situation you don't like.

    There used to be an adage that the army wants men who are looking for something better, not trying to escape from something worse.

    Even if there is a provision in QRs for your re enlistment, I suspect that the AFCO will lose your paperwork within 20 seconds of you leaving the room. That's if they don't tell you to take a running jump as soon as you introduce yourself.
  14. I trust that the OP will never be allowed to re enlist whilst his arse has a hole in it.