Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Skitch, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi.

    I joined the army when I was 18 and did basic training at Pirbright but decided I wanted to go home, and left at week 11 training.

    It been nearly 1 year since I left now and i am thinking of re-enlisting, but does anyone know if I would have to do selection again, and would i be able to join back into my original troop so i could have the same section commanders to take me through basic again?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Congratulations on posting the most ludicrous question ever to appear on Arrse. 5.56mm's crown is now yours.
  3. You didnt complete Phase One so yes you have to redo the whole thing again, Unlucky!!!
    Back to the same Troop??? No one can sort that out!
  4. excellent wah skills skitch, bravo.
  5. Wow If i knew such a negtive comment would have come back i wouldent have asked. At least my question has been answered rather than me sitting back with my thumb up my arrse
  6. Yeah, i'll have a real good think about it. I'm not sure it would even be a good idea to go back to the same people anyway... probably get beasted more! Many thanks Tommy.
  7. yep i left phase 1 in september like a daft tw*t.i went back to the careers office to rejoin and the ssgt sed i would have to w8 6-12 weeks for a start date.i just told him why i left and why i wanted to go back in and he wrote it down on my file and sent it off to a major in edinburgh.the ssgt said i will recive a letter with my start date on in 6-12 weeks and that was 5weeks ago
  8. Immense WAH