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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mr.smith, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. okay lads i'm tired of my civvi job now been doing it for about a year now and i hate it. theres no way i wanna civvi career so i wanna get back in so i have a few questions. I left during the first few weeks of basic a few years ago (not a smart move).

    how long would it take for my discharge papers to come back and get accepted?

    what specializations would be open to me as soon as i get to bn?

    how many trades and tours would you need to reach l/cpl or does it depend how good you are and switched on?

    could you in your own time earn an nvq in say carpentry?

    would i have a chance of getting in this year as i wanna get in asap i aint gettin any younger i'm 23 this year, i'm gunna go to the afco next week and i'm going for infantry :D
  2. Hi, im 23 myself i done similar thing myself i left after 6months.....stupid yes.
    "how long would it take for my discharge papers to come back and get accepted?"

    You're gonna have to start the whole process again, I had to anyway so I presume you will have to. You're not garunteed to get accepted again, what were ur reasons for leaving? Did u DAOR yourself ?
  3. how long did u serve previously and in what trade?
  4. I was there a few weeks at catterick and i was going infantry
  5. Why did you leave?

    My parents wanted me to join the army straight from school, but I'm glad I never - would have been far too immature,cowardly and would have bailed.

    Now, at the age of 21, I feel ready.. maybe you just weren't ready at the time?
  6. why not join re as a carpenter then?
  7. so what in 5 years has changed you then?
  8. did u leave by your own accord? if so what did your discharge papers say?
  9. Tough question... 'Life Experience' I guess. I now own my own home, live away from my family, I've grown up a lot.

    Maybe I would have hacked it 5 years ago, but was too cowardly to find out.

    Now I'm strong enough mentally to have grown men screaming in my face - five years ago I would have either broken down or slapped somebody.
  10. well, screaming in faces is part of the pack drill you will also be required to scream at others, if you own your own house and do you have a family i take it? are you willing to go to 13k a year?

    what will happen to your house etc?

    have you thought about the TA instead?
  11. yeah i was 18 and just wasn't interested and to much of a lil kid
  12. I have a fiance, the way it works at the moment is she pays the mortgage and I pay the bills

    Dropping down to £13k is a big drop for me, but it's enough to cover the bills for a while.

    I thought about the TA last year, but I need to get away from this mundane, boring, civvy life...!!
  13. unsuitable for army service
  14. Mr. Smith, is that what your discharge said?
  15. To my knowledge that means you wont be getting accepted, You didnt DAOR yourself then? What did u tell them to let u leave? Hm... : )