Re-enlisting.......Why does the process take so long..??

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by prepare2double, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,i was wondering whether anyone else has/is going through the re-enlistment process & how long they have had to wait for it all to go through...??I joined in 2001 & got up to week 23 but got a MD from Depot Para for ruptered tendons in my foot (which are fine now).I walked into the careers office on 28th August & am apparantly waiting for a 203 to come back from Glasgow (whatever that is?) before i am sent to Pirbright for selection.I have done the Barb Test,civvie medical etc etc but have been waiting for 4 weeks for Glasgow to get back to my recruiting Sargeant & was just wondering whether its normal for everything to take so long..??My MD biff chit stated that i was able to re-enlist if my injury cleared up so i know thats not the cause of the delay.WHY AM I WAITING SO LONG?!Cheers............
  2. Chin up mate...took me a year!!!!!!!
  3. Dunno if its cuz u didnt pass all the way through basic or not but guy who was re-enlisting when i went up 1st time for selection didnt do selection just the medical and straight back to his regiment...? but he served 6 years in the army passed basic so maybe thats why..? lol
  4. hi ya mate i left AFC H in january and re enlisted basically the day i came out and have only just got my re-entry date which is 26 nov all i can say is keep nagging your recruiter
  5. The 203 is a Special Enlisment Authority and your application cannot proceed without it.

    You are waiting so long probably because of the medical issues. I take it you have a note from your GP stating you are good to go? Without some form of medical testimony RSC may also reject you until this is provided.

    Good luck anyway.
  6. I'm afraid it's just not that cut and dried old chap! The decision on your acceptability for re-enlistment will depend on many variables, none of them in the hands of your Recruiting Sergeant. Bare in mind you have been MEDICALLY DISCHARGED in the past; like it or not, the Army needs to be 100% sure you can proceed with an Army career without the risk of damaging you further.

    Coupled with that, you have been in Civ Div for over 5 years - something else in your past may have cropped up that is causing a delay. Believe me, getting a 203 through is never as quick as we would like and would wager your Recruiter will inform you on your progress as a matter of priority as soon as he has any news.

    Be patient. Keep the faith. In the mean time continue with your fitness training. Best of luck.
  7. To speed up any application for reenlistment, apply direct to your manning wing at the Record Office, they will contact your unit and see if they want you back! If they do, you get a railway warrant in the post. If they do not, you simply get a rejection.

    Or you can do it the lengthy way. Apply to an ACIO who might contact your manning wing when they have time while processing other entrants and are open, who might contact your unit, who might go back to the record office, who might get in touch with the ACIO who might contact you when they are open and have the time!
  8. Unfortunately this method will infact cause delays in your re-application! By all means try it, but stand by for fall out if you do.
  9. Am still waiting...........I have been told that everyone in Glasgow Records office is on the sick at the mo (literally!). :? :cry: Bloody war will be over by the time they get back to me...!!
  10. I very much doubt it. Pandora's Box has been opened, I'm quite sure you will get some trigger time in one Godforsaken third world shitehole or other.

    Your kids probably will as well...............
  11. JCS
    That`s the best appraisal of the situation I`ve heard for some time.
    Cynical but so bloody accurate
  12. Unfortunately that is totally the wrong information IOSIS the Cad and Dirk_the_Turk are spot on with their information. Being out for over a year and time served you will be a Re-enlister and getting info about your 203 can take time. In your case you would have to do the full process again (especially the RG8 and medical) if accepted by desk at MCM.
    The lad who did over six years had different terms because he would of been a RE-Reservist and if had done over a year out would just need his medical and not had to do Selection at ADSC or Phase 2 if going back into his same job if desk officer was o with it, some times if they are unsure to take the risk SO2 Recruiting or Medical SMO may be asked for advice by MCM officer. Extremely complex and way above a RCMO's pay scale or power.
  13. The Iron-Thanks mate,your knowledge of the system & how it works really is invaluable to this site.I"ll just have to wait out & see what happens.
  14. Surely somebody can fast-track this lads paperwork - more people like this are needed:

  15. Careful what you wish for. I have a couple of friends who couldnt wait to get into a firefight and close with the enemy. One has his name on the memorial, the other has serious mental problems and is being treated by Combat Stress and as a bonus lost his leg.

    Its not all Medals and Glory. There is a dark side.

    Point to note: The above does not include my friend and colleague listed below. A true hero at the peak of his profession.