re enlisting - whats the score ?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jimmyc, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Any hel pls ? Im thinking of re enlisting , was gonna just volunteer as reservist but think id ave more say over things if i actually re enlist n do it properly (no offence reservist!) i left nearly 8 year a go was a kingo infantry man , thing is i now wanna go into JSHU to jion up with a mate there .
    few Qs -
    How long would training b e and involve what ? would it be full lot again ?
    Would i b forced into infantry again ?
    How long (roughly) b 4 i get back to grade 1 soldier status and pay could i b fast tracked?
    What grade 1 soldiers pay now (living in) ?
    Is there addidional pay for those in JSHU ?
    Could i still wear infantry mans badge ?
    could i enlist on short term enlistment or would i have to go on open engagment ?
    whats phase 2 training for those jioning JSHU (jiont support helicoptor unit) ?
    Also how long could i expect b4 my 1st piss test as things got boring for a while n i ve foolishly perhaps smoked a fair bit of weed durin las few years, would it be good idea to be open about this with staff on re enlisting or just keep stum and away from it in future ?
    Also whats the situation like for getting cadres these days , u know driving licences etc n how long would i need to serve before id get re settlement course ?
    Any help / advice appreciated ta
  2. oldbaldy

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    So your thinking about re-enlisting & already thinking about getting out again in short order.
    & type fcucking English.
  3. LOL u gotta plan a head u know , its just a consideration the whole short term engagment is just so i kow the options not rushin back in like i did 1st time rnd. oh yea and you spell **** with 1 c (thats english see ? lol)
  4. If you speak like you spell, stay quiet as long as possible. Out of interest, you seem exceedingly concerned about Pay and how soon you can get out with a resettlement course. Why is this? I realise pay is a factor to be considered whenever you start a job/career, but your post makes me think that you got out, couldn't hack civvy street, are now poor, with little or no prospects, and need to get back into the army so as to have a base with pay.

    Or I could be completely wrong. Either way, best of luck on rejoining.
  5. nah not poor or out of work etc just v bored with 9-5 and no more once in life time chances thru work , but i do know that im not gettin younger and got kids to consider hence concern for pay etc , important factors no end n im not an over eager 17 yo these days so takig time to be sure of every aspect dont want too big a wage drop if i go back in
  6. So ne help / advise thats of use n e un ?
  7. oldbaldy

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  8. so you want to work at JHSU.......You cant join JHSU. It is at RAF Odiham and run by the RAF . IT is made up of RAF movers RAf admin and numerous army capbadges. RE RLC INFANTRY>>>>> it is a 3 year posting that is all. i served at RAf Odiham while in RAF and met my Hubby there who is RE and serving with JHSU... great place to work though. he has served 23 years now and says JHSU was the best time he has had in the forces......
  9. Thanx , im aware that JHSU is made up off other caps etc , thing is that ive a good mate serving with them who seems to thinnk he can see his CO there and sort of claim me (if thats the right term?) sort of thing so that i go to that unit ! hes looking into it for me so fngers crossed, as x infantry perhaps i have a chance plus i know their undermanned (like every other unit i know!) so hopfully be happy to get more men in! hopin so any way .
  10. If you left from the field Army you do not have to do basic again. They prefer you to rejoin in your old role but you can ask for other options. It is up to the manning and records office if they will accept you in another Corps.

    The pay is on the Army jobs site. Not aware of extra pay for that role.

    You rejoin on an S type for the balance of your 22 years. You have to serve a min of 4 years you can put in the normal 12 months notice from the 3 year point.

    If asked about drugs be honest. You will be tested during the phase 2 course.
  11. cheers fella
  12. when my hubby left there in 1998 he was on an extra £150 a month flying pay as a cpl.