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I am in the process of considering re-joining the TA again due to a change in job which will make it feasible.

My official discharge was July last year around the time JPA was maturing at my old unit and the whole tri-service number thing started happening with our recruits.
When I left I had completed 6 bounty years and left during year 7.

My 1st query then is, should I re-join would I recieve a new 3 number or would I get my old number back again?

My second query is, where would I stand regarding my bounty and years towards VRSM?

Apologies for the bone questions, I have done a brief search and found nothing specific. I havn't asked about re-training as it doesn't bother me too much having to repeat all from scratch!!


You will get a new number if you were actually discharged.

Not sure on the other but it seems logical that you'd have to start again if you were actually discahraged. It was my belief that you have to have received your bounty for 12 years in a row to qualify. but not sure of exact requirements! shall ask about!
Pretty sure your VRSM is gone, as it is "unbroken" service.... ie no sabbaticals.

Not too sure on bounty.... you may drop on to a residual rate, as you have served before. Or you may have to start again.

My cousin has an interesting arrangement... not sure if it is legit or not. She is classed as "on leave". Meaning she hasn't actually discharged, dispite the fact she will not attend TA for about 12 months due to working overseas.

Not sure if it is official or not.


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Cheers for all of the replies.

I discharged myself due to simply not having enough hours in the day to commit to both with my old job. Was offered the chance of a leave of absence but at the time it didn't look like the situation was going to change so I thought that it would be living in false hope doing that.

Makes sense about the VRSM though I'm not too fussed, just would have been nice that's all. Likewise with the bounty but without wanting to sound like a mercentile (is that even a word??) bounty hunter it would be nice to know what I could forcast to get should I get in again as I'm saving for a house deposit so would be nice to start at or close to my old level! :)

Bit of a $hitter having to get a new number though, was quite fond of the old one!!


If your old record is still on JPA your HR Admin will be able to pick up your old record and you will get your old number back with a -2 on the end.

Some records seem to hang around for ages, and some seem to disappear really quickly for some reason.

If you have left the regulars less than three years ago you receive full bounty - can't quite remember what happens if you rejoin the TA from the TA - if no one answers tonight I will look it up tomorrow
firedancer said:
If your old record is still on JPA your HR Admin will be able to pick up your old record and you will get your old number back with a -2 on the end.



For instance 30012456-2, nobody has really explained why but it's like a change of record e.g a TA soldier's number is 12345678 he then changes his record type from TA to a mobilised record because he has gone on ops or an FTRS record, his number on the new record is 12345678-2 - when he comes back from being away be reverts back to 12345678. Hope this explains it, some guys who have been away on different types of engagement might have numbers ending in -3 or -4. It's probably only a TA thing as regulars don't really change their record type.
Never seen that, and I have worked with TA on various bits and bobs.


I'm an HR Administrator - we have several soldiers/officers in our unit with -2 numbers. We also have someone who used to be in the Marines so he has a PO -------- -2 number.


I got a -2 number when I mobilised a year or so back...

JPA cannot cope with someone doing two things at once, so if you already exist on the system and your status changes, ie going from reg to TA you will get a -2 number if you are already on the system with your original number..

This is a feature of Oracle Peoplesoft which is what JPA runs on. I seems to cause endless problems with the All Girls. For example the muppets managed to book me into theatre on my TA number not my Mob number, and I ended up getting paid separation on my TA account.. took them 18 months to sort that one out...

The thing to remember is that you do not really get a new regimental number - what happens is you get a new pay account if your status changes. i.e. 12345678, 12345678-1, 12345678-2 etc...
And I quote;

Continuity of Service
10. The following, though not counter as qualifying service for the VRSM or Clasps, will not be considered a break in the continuity of service required by paras 5b and 6a;
a. Periods not exceeding 3 years between service in one of the forces listed at para5a and another such service (reserve forces basically)

Annex C to Chapter 3 Regulations and Administrative instructions for the VRSM..
The whole -2, -3, -4 thing is to do with assignments, believe it or not it is actually a step forward, it means when an individual is mobilised they get a -2 assignment number so any pay or bounty due for the normal assignment can still be processed. It also means that someone on an ADC assignment can get both a full day's ADC pay and 1/4 or 1/2 an MTD for a drill night on the same day!!

-2s should not be a pain when inputting pay as long as FORGE is set up properly!

Individuals still retain the normal number without a - anything as their "employee" number and it is this number that should be on your MOD 90.

Regarding 300 numbers on re enlisting, anyone who left after JPA bedded in, i.e. Jul 07 ish onwards should get their old number back, those who left before JPA have to take pot luck as the majority seem to have disappeared into the void!



Sorry, this is going a bit off topic now, but we haven't been able to pay bounties for our Herric bods as their records have disappeared into the void and no one seems to know why - we have had to send the old annex sheet from TA Regs to the Tiger Team, but we're not sure when or how they are going to be paid and no one can enlighten us, but I think we have got used to that with JPA by now.


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So sounds like good news all around then after all....

Just need to get my fitness in order again after sitting on my arse for far too long!! :p

Cheers all
I took out 7 units of PAX at Chilwell early last year which was duely applied to my -2 account but when I increased it to 15 units just prior to deployment my hosting unit applied it to my standard TA account.

It wasn't until I was being demobilised at Chillwell that found out I had been paying for both at the same time (i.e. 22 units). Chillwell closes down your -2 account effectively cancelling the payments but those from my TA account continued.

I have since had a refund of almost £500 from PAX for over payment but it took a few months and many emails and letters to sort out including sending them copies of every JPA pay statement (both normal and -2) over 12 months.

Seems like another case of regular admin staff not being properly informed about FTRS personnel despite the large numbers they had to deal with.


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