Re-enlisting? Should I come to the AAC?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Frost-y, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. Hey folks. First post so hi to all. I left the infantry in 2003 as a lance jack and I've always had an intrest in aviation and I'm considering re-enlisting not back into the infantry but into the AAC.

    Now I dont know anyone in the AAC except a friend who is doing his pilot training but he dont know much cos his had his head in the books and the clouds so was hoping to find out as much as I can from you REAL people instead of being pumped of waffle down at my local AFCO.

    Thanks :wink:
  2. Lo mate! welcome aboard.
    don't quote me on it but I think at first, straight off, you'd go into a groundcrew position. refueling, rearming type stuff.
    I'm thinking of going air corps myself. where are you based?
  3. Why don’t you arrange a visit first! Not just one day thou and talk to the groundies and the aircrew. If your good at the job you’ll do well and promotion can be quick, plus like the rest of the army there is a retention problem aswell so have a look and make your mind up yourself. But there are no guarantees that you will become a pilot if that’s what you want!

    Good luck…………
  4. On a more serious note Frost-y the required scoring for the AAC is higher than that for the Infantry so it might be worth asking if you qualify first and then look into visiting Wattisham or Dishforth.
  5. Well I'm based in Durham so a visit to Dishforth wouldn't be a bad idea. as for your reply Muttley, I know what you mean but according to an oline chat with a recruiter I do qualify based on my past and qualifications (got CAT C & C+E).

    I now know if would start as a ground crewman but tbh it's gotta be alot more intresting than the infantry.
  6. How old are you Frosty as there are limits for going Aircrew? As for joining as groundcrew its probably a lot safer than the Infantry going on current deployments and I am living proof that Groundies can make it as Aircrew.

    Good luck to you.

    If you need any phone numbers for Disthforth drop me a pm?
  7. I'm 29 and I fully agree with that the AAC is the best option. Friends on deployment in Iraq and Afgan no longer what to be a painted taget even though I do miss operations but I would still like to be alive.

    Another friend who joined the same time as me and served in the same Regt is currently doing his pilots course at MW and has told me that it's a totally different experience from the infantry and lot more proffesional.

    Gonna wait untill xmas is over and done with before I make a real move on this.

    Are you still serving Muttley? If so where are you now?
  8. does anyone know if there are gonna be any open days coming up soon with AAC? particularly my neck of the woods, netheravon, salisbury way?
  10. Frosty, I am still serving and am resently at wattisham Airfield near Ipswich. I agree with Sam that time is really against you and Groundcrew is probably your only option as you would be pushed to make the pilots course by 32. You should expres your interest in application at the earliest opportunity though and who knows.

    Whatever you choose, drop me a pm if you wish to visit an AAC unit.

  11. Which Middle Wallop is he at???????????? 8O :roll:

    Can't be the one I know and love!!!!
  12. Hampshire.
  13. Well if I'm too late that's my fault for not transfering whilst I was still in the Army however to go on to do groundcrew and become good at that and work on AH groundcrew would make me happy enough.

    Still have to see if I'm eligable to re-enlist and also if the AAC would take me but also because I'm now married, would the Army give me a pad (have my own house now) and where could I go?

    Alot of things to get through first.

    Thanks for the invite Muttley. I know where you are based because I'm from down that way, used to live right next to RAF Mildenhall. Going down to Bury st Edmunds for new years eve with the boys so it will be good to be back in the region.
  14. Frosty you will be as entitled to a MQ as everyone else although a lot of people here live out. As for postings it will probably be here if your AH, Dishforth and then Benson if Lynx with a possibility of posts in Belize, Brunei, Germany, NI, and Batus.

    Op tours are currently in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Good luck and Happy Christmas
  15. Its a lot more professional now that youve left :)