re-enlisting is a pain in the arrse!

Hello all.

Im currently going through the process of re-enlisting and was wondering if anybody out there can shed a little light on the whole process?

I left the RAMC this year as a Sub Cpl having served just short of seven years. I have a very positive last CR and exemplary on my red book. I submitted the paperwork to the ACIO over six weeks ago and have heard nothing back yet. Am I being impatient or should I have heard by now? I have posted a similar thread eslewhere but thought this forum might have access to the right info.

Thanks, red
Seven weeks is not unusual, start to worry after about 3 months. The careers office staff has no control of this it is all driven by Glasgow.
if you only left this year the wait may be down to glasgow chasing your docs, ie did your last unit send them back straight away? if it was 4gsmr prob not! We have also just undergone the JPA transition rubbish so that too may slow it down as they need your records on TASMIS and UNICOM etc to be wired over accurately to be paid, and also to assess if you drop a rank or retain it. I rejoined March and have not been paid since! and i am in Germany with missus n kids so not very helpful. Do what i did and call RAMC colour service section up at MCM Div. They normally give you your answer their and then as to your start date and whether you have been accepted back into the colours too, though you will need to go back to your AFCO to accept your terms. I then had to go to depot and redo all my matts and was posted within two weeks. Ensure at depot they do your pay details correctly, ASK TO SEE THEM, and good luck!
Thanks Hullboy. Its good to hear from someone who's been through the process recently. I actually had a call from the ACIO today and had to go in to complete a CRB (criminal record bureau) form. Hopefully this wont take too long to come back and i'll soon be on my way back in. Is this a new thing or do they just think im a wrong-un?! 8O


No mate, this criminal record thingy is now normal for anyone who wants to work in for example armed forces, airports, ports, police(ha ha thats a joke eh??)

Normally they have to prove they have no convictions for the last 10 years - I think.
Its just to make sure that you aint messed up since getting out. It is now common practice as said earlier, whereas before it was only raf/navy/and selected trades in army now it is everyone. that bit is done quite fast but you can actually start your employment BEFORE check complete for up to 3 months, (obviously discharged should anything come out, so i have heard). So you never know. You may not be too long though as they screaming out for medics at min.
Thanks for all the info so far fellas. But, alas! the saga continues...

As you rightly said Blues_Cav, the careers staff were at the mercy of Glasgow but that didnt take too long. Since my last post I have been for an interview with the RAMC recruiting officer at Sandhurst and was accepted back in at the same rank and even still on the old pension (bonus!). However its the CRB thats taking forever now. My forms went to York about 10 weeks ago and they have just informed the Torquay ACIO that they were incorrect and sent back. Needless to say, they got lost in the system.

My question now is that can I get back in without having recieved CRB clearance, providing that I have no contact with civilian patients/casualties untill it arrives?

P.S. Six months and counting....
P.P.S. Aaaaargh!
Cheers K

I trust the blokes at the careers office and dont want to lean on them too much but im going to try to drop in once a week. Hopefully the ron hills will be back in action before christmas!

Once a CRB has been submitteed you are allowed in post for (i think- 6 mths). by that time the CRB will have come back. I know plenty of bods that this has happened to, and it actually happens in Civ St too.

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