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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by paleblue_1, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    I am in the process of becoming a "re-entrant" into the Army after 7 years away.

    I was wondering if there are any others currently going through the "re-entrant" phase at the moment.

    I 1st applied back in May and have had to have a medical with my GP (which was absolutly fine) 8 weeks ago, still I have heard nothing back from the careers office to tell me what is going on. Is this the norm? What are the usual timescales for going back in?

    I have been told that as I want to join a different Corps, I will have to undertake basic training again (not good for someone knocking on 30!!).
    For back ground, I left the AAC in 2000, after 3 years (PVR defferal as massive family problems, my CO released me 1 year early).

    How many out there are doing the same, i.e. going back in, because they miss it? I want to go back as soon as possible, but the process these days seems to take forever, I blame the bloody civvi's in Glasgow! Why is it such a long and drawn out process? Why do they make life difficult?

    Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated :)


  2. I wouldn't worry about the age too much, I was gassing with a friend who's still in.
    Recently he mentioned another friend of mine got back the grand old age of 41!
    I kid you not.
    I was quite surprised at the other lads re-entry, he assured me it wasn't on reserve forces or an TA S-Type (or whatever they're called these days).
    I won't be speaking to the lad who informed me till the weekend (I say lad..he's an LE Captain...I knew him as a full screw...I feel old).
  3. FWIW, Rickshaw Minor has just re-enlisted and - even after only a 2 year gap - it still took a year. Mind you, incompetance at the ACIO might have something to do with it........ Good luck.
  4. Here's another quick question,I still have much of my old kit from when I was in (including my short back infantry bergan), will they let me use this in basic instead of the shitty all arms type, or will I ahve to use everything they supply? I will be taking some of my own DPM gear for field use :) as the issue stuff willmostly stay in the locker :)

    What sort of treatment will I get as a re-entrant from the much loved DS?
  5. No one gets the all arms bergan anymore - most of the new kit you will get is pretty good
  6. But I love my short back, it is great as I am under 5"7, and have a short back :) It sits perfectly on me, and has enough room for my webbing.

    I also hear rumours that they are issuing COT vests as standard, I am presuming this isnt until unit though.
  7. Most people get the shortback - as for COT vests, I assume you mean assault vests? These are generally issued on deployment
  8. i re-enlisted last year in may took me about three months to get back in i hated it at first but got back into the swing of things after a week or to just make sure you are sure its what you want ! :?
  9. Its going to depend on what Glasgow desk officers say on your special enlistment authority and if the new Corp have any vacancies for the different CEG your going for (seeing its different from the original job). It may also of had to go to SO2 recruiting for him to assess the application and give input.

    I dont understand the medical bit unless you mean you had to give your GP your RG8 to send to ADSC once your D500/201 special enlistment is okayed.

    once all this is done you will then do the full selection again due to being out so long, if it was under a year is would be rapid as medicals etc are in date for a year but 7 years is too long a time for medical problems. Dont blame the recruiters as majority try there hardest but paperwork, MCM and ADSC can take time. good luck what yob are you trying for as pinch point trades can be easier to go for with re-enlisters.
  10. Take your walking stick ;) It is exceptionally slow, my dads mate at work applied for the TA as he wanted to put something back in for what the army gave him, but still nothing. Good luck, and maybe you'll be a father figure etc. ;)
  11. Raaaa just been told that I have to complete a spreadsheet with all my training activites on it for the next 3 months and put a column in that states whether I have any pain during a particular exercise or not.

    I had a knee op 18months ago and previously suffered from Sciatica! Although I have been given the all clear by my Doctors!

    Hey hum, looks like a January 2008 intake then.

    Back to the gym for 3 more months :(
  12. Bad luck mate. Someone I know has to wait till January aswell (outstanding court cases) :p